International Holistic Centers Gathering: Day 2

By Cathy McNally


The bay off the taverna where we eat breakfast each day.

This morning is the second day of the International Holistic Centers Gathering May 2015, held at the Damouhari Hotel in the only natural port on the coast of the Pelion peninsula in the north east part of central Greece. This was the location for the filming of Mama Mia with Meryl Streep. Our taverna, where we have breakfast each morning, faces the site of the movies’ beach scenes. Every taverna in the village has signed photographs and press stories displayed proudly on their walls!

The 18 participants at this gathering come from India, Hawaii, Germany, Poland, France, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Canada – Quebec and BC. My experience is of a very understated group of highly skilled and wildly creative human beings. Two are creators of inspirational growth and awareness games, everyone has distinct qualifications in professional and/or health related fields, almost everyone serves on one or more boards of organizations focused on making a difference in the world. A rich resource of experience and knowledge being shared in each session.


A morning conversation group.

Happily, this group of busy and committed people is also very relaxed and focused on including self-care this week. As can be seen by this photo of one of our morning discussion groups held in the hotel garden.

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