The Haven has a range of comfortable accommodations. We offer an inclusive environment and welcome people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The comfort and safety of all guests is important to us. 

PLEASE NOTE during this time of Covid we are not using our dorm accommodation.  Guests will be in single accommodation unless sharing with someone in their own bubble. 

Thunderbird dormitory is our most economical option. Each dorm pod accommodates up to 6 people, and each pod has its own washroom. Bunks are single over single, with extra-long mattresses. Dorm pods are separated by gender. The Thunderbird dormitory is only available for participants registered in a program at The Haven. From July to mid-August, the dorms are reserved for our Youth Programs. Read more about the Thunderbird dorms (PDF).

Basic rooms are simply furnished, comfortable and economical. They have two singles or one double bed, and a private bathroom. They do not have a TV. Basic rooms are designed to be shared by two or three people, with beds in the same room and a shared bathroom. A Basic room may also be booked as a private room.

Forest View rooms are nestled in attractive forested areas of The Haven property. Larger than our Basic rooms, Forest View rooms are designed to be shared by two or three people, with beds in the same room, a TV and private bathroom. A Forest View room may also be booked as a private room.

Ocean View rooms offer spacious, well-equipped and comfortable accommodation looking out over the beach and waters of Taylor Bay. There is a TV in each room, a full kitchen or kitchenette, and private bathroom. Most Ocean view rooms have a deck. Although Ocean View rooms are usually booked as private accommodations, you may be able to share an Ocean View room if you and another program participant both request to be each other’s roommate.

Program participants – 2021 special package pricing

Room TypeOff Peak 1Peak Season1Off Peak 1
Jan 1 – May 31Jun 1 – Sep 14Sep 15 – Dec 31
Dorm 2Shared: $100.00Shared: $105.00Shared: $100.00
BasicPrivate: $166.00
Shared: $117.00
Private: $187.00
Shared: $128.00
Private: $166.00
Shared: $117.00
Forest ViewPrivate: $203.50
Shared: $137.75
Private: $232.25
Shared: $152.75
Private: $203.50
Shared: $137.75
Ocean ViewPrivate: $238.00
Shared: $155.75
Private: $274.00
Shared: $174.75
Private: $238.00
Shared: $155.75

Note 1: Room and meals package price per day for program participants.  Plus applicable taxes.
Note 2: Dorms are reserved for our Youth Programs from July to mid-August.

Private guests – 2021 accommodation only

Room TypeOff Peak 3Peak Season3Off Peak 3
Jan 1 – May 31Jun 1 – Sep 14Sep 15 – Dec 31
BasicPrivate: $122.00Private: $143.00Private: $122.00
Forest ViewPrivate: $167.25Private: $196.00Private: $167.25
Ocean ViewPrivate: $209.00Private: $245.00Private: $209.00

Note 3: Plus applicable taxes. Meals available as separate purchase.

  • All prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • Package price is only available to program participants and includes three buffet-style meals per day.
  • Private pricing applies to those not participating in a Haven program, and to conference and event guests.
  • Prices shown above do not include tax.
    • For program participants:
      • Prices are per person.
      • Add 5% GST on meals.
      • Add 8% PST on accommodation.
    • For private guests:
      • Prices based upon double occupancy.
      • Add 5% GST on meals.
      • Add 5% GST and 8% PST on accommodation.
  • Pets – to avoid disrupting your fellow guests, please do not bring pets to The Haven. If you must bring a pet, we have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available by advanced booking with a surcharge.
  • No smoking – all guest rooms, meeting rooms, pathways, grounds and common areas are smoke-free. The only designated smoking area is the Puffin enclosure adjacent to the Lodge.
  • Scent-free – please refrain from using aromatic products such as hair spray, perfume and scented deodorant while at The Haven. For some people, these products can trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Thank you for being considerate of your fellow guests and our staff.

Please request accommodation type when entering an on-line registration request or contact a registrar toll-free at or 1 800 222 9211 x1.