Make a Joyful Noise: Summer Drum Talk, Aug 15–18

By Lyle Povah

Drum Talk: African Drumming for Creativity, Passion and Healing runs August 15–18 at the Haven, and as I plan for the coming year’s offering, it occurs to me once again that I feel different … am different, somehow expanded as a result of all that’s happened over the past year. That feeling has never been so poignant as this year, as I completed yoga teacher training, am certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher, and now teach at YogaOne and Inspire Health Integrative Cancer Care. There is great potential to weave various yogic principles into the healing drum work.

One of my dreams has been to bring the transformative power of music and the drum (and dare I say, spirituality) more into the modern health care environment. Drum Circle programs now happen weekly and bi-weekly at St. Paul’s Hospital’s In-Patient Eating Disorders Program and Inspire Health.

As each summertime ‘Drum Talk’ comes around, it becomes the yearly synthesis of all the learning from the past year, rolled into a four-day immersion into rhythm-culture. This course is designed for both beginner and skilled players. Come join us and make a joyful noise!

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