Letters from Elfi & Martie

Elfi’s Message to the Haven Community

I want to let you know about my decision that I will not return to the Haven as Bodyworker when on site workshops start up again. My rich relationship with Haven began in 1981 when the founders, Ben Wong and Jock McKeen invited me to be resident bodyworker at the Haven. The years were filled with extraordinary experiences and I find myself astonished that I am now near the omega of my life! It is time for me to make a significant change and let go of Bodywork at the Haven.

Retirement is not in the picture, though. I will continue to offer workshops at Haven and elsewhere, on line and in person, along with my partner Gary Dillon. Our home studio- “Heartcoretouch”- in our backyard, right next to Gary’s art studio, will open mid July. The commute is much shorter!

I would love to connect with you when you come to the Haven, maybe a cup of tea together at Sunset. I have touched so many of you on my massage table and will miss you. It has been a true honour and privilege to grow up in your company and learn with you and from you, assist in workshops and dance with you. I was blessed with the special people that come to the Haven to learn and found their way into my massage room or to my morning movement meditation class. I will be forever gratefull to Ben and Jock and all of you and most of all give thanks to Spirit for joining our paths for a while.

It is my promise to continue to apply the skills that I learned at the Haven in all my relations.

with love


Martie’s Message to the Haven Community

I have thought long and hard about returning to Haven to work as an acupressure bodyworker.        

 I have enjoyed 24 years at Haven: doing personal work, and professional training…. learning so much. Working with the finest. Making personal connections that are deeper and more precious than I can ever explain.      

Indeed, Haven was the catalyst for embarking on studying Acupressure and becoming a Bodyworker  I have enjoyed my work and I have felt fulfilled and happy working with clients in this deeply personal way since 2009. 

And, the time has come for me to shift my course. I am not planning to return to Haven as a bodyworker.  Times have changed and I do not see that what’s evolving will be a fit for me. I surely will miss the fun and the heartfelt connections. 

I have great appreciation for Elfi and Suzanne and Gary who have been there with me through all those rich and precious Haven years. Thank-you! And to all my other colleagues and friends: Warmest wishes for a successful and inspiring new Haven. 

🌈 Martie 🌊🌊🌊

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