Letter from the Members of Haven Foundation

March 23, 2023

This has been a challenging time for us all.  We want to connect with you with this letter, and inform you about the current situation for Haven. 

We are the recently formed group of Members for the Haven Foundation. In this capacity, our mandate is to oversee the organization, and to continue the legacy of The Haven Foundation as a singular and exemplary educational institution.  We are working in close contact with the Board of Directors toward this end. 

There are two aspects to the Haven business,  the programs and the Haven facility.   

As the organization was going further into debt, the decision was made reluctantly to list the property for sale in order to secure the capability of offering programs in a sustainable way.  There was an offer to purchase the property in 2022 which did not complete.   

The property remains for sale. In the meantime, programs are being offered, with a budgeted net loss to the organization.  We are hopeful that a new purchaser will take over the functioning of the physical facility.  We would hope that our programs could be hosted by a new owner and/or we could find alternate locations. 

We appreciate you all for your support and caring about the Haven project over the years. 

We will continue to update you as this concerning situation proceeds. 

Yours in the spirit of Haven, 

Gerry Owen, Randy Wong, Jock McKeen, Derek LaCroix

Members of the Haven Foundation

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