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Exploring Emergence: Four Ways to Encourage Possibility

By David Raithby

Have you ever wondered what it might take to find a truly different way to live, to join others, and to support our gorgeous planet? In fields as diverse as physics, biology and psychology the phenomenon of ‘emergence’ is opening new paths for such exploration.

When a flock of birds wheels through the sky, like the Surf Scoters that follow the herring run in front of our house each year, it is said to have emergent properties. Each bird is responsible for itself, for following nature’s cues, and for staying connected to its neighbours … which results in the surprising, graceful and unpredictable movement of the entire flock toward an unseen goal. There is no one in charge, it just happens.

What if it is possible for us to become emergent in our thinking and behaviour? What if new and unexpected thoughts and behaviours could just happen? What if we could do that for ourselves, but also with others to make a difference in the world? Maybe it’s possible.


How Does Emergence Occur?

For emergence to happen a certain set of conditions must occur, although we may never know precisely which are involved. The February 16th Journey Beyond Anxiety session will focus on four conditions that appear to generally support emergence.

1. Letting go (releasing your grip on how you think things should be)

2. Being still (pausing, stopping, waiting, just long enough)

3. Opening (following internal and external perception)

4. Connecting (experiencing authentic contact with others and with life)

There are of course many ways to access transformative emergence, but these four set a powerful foundation from which to explore.

It’s that simple. Want to give it a try?

Join us online for an exploration into the emergent unknown!

Learn more & Register HERE.


About the Author: 

David Raithby, DipC MEd RSW, seeks to encourage transformational presence in all aspects of one’s personal and professional life. He has worked locally and internationally with individuals, groups and businesses for over 45 years, and is a senior faculty member of The Haven on Gabriola Island. Read more about David here

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