An ER Come Alive Testimonial

We recently received this wonderful Come Alive testimonial

I have been a career Emergency Medicine Physician for 30 years, currently practicing in Edmonton. I had two weeks off in my emergency department schedule and was exploring holiday/educational opportunities. There was a major Emergency Medicine conference in Las Vegas and I was all set to register when I recalled my wife telling me about her Haven experience. I went on line and discovered the Come Alive program on those same dates. I must have been ready for something different because I chose the less ‘comfortable’ option and came to Gabriola. This was the best decision I could have made. Not only was this an incredible journey of personal self-discovery, I believe it will make me a better physician. Much more so than any of the medical conferences I have attended over my career.

I have worked a number of clinical shifts in the ER since my return and have developed a new approach which has provided a more gratifying experience for both me and my patients. Taking time, taking deep breaths, being fully present, touching, using different communication skills … all have made me a better clinician. One interesting technique I have developed is, when listening to someone’s chest and asking them to take “deep breaths”, I have been doing the same … it has allowed me to slow down and be in that moment, not thinking about the next patient or what test I need to order, etc.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the program and the leadership of David Raithby, Gisela Sartori and all the staff. I learned so much about myself and it has allowed me to ‘Come Alive’ in many ways.

Thanks again. I will be back for another of your programs in the near future.


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