Centres Gathering Day 2

This is intended to be a daily record of the International Holistic Centres Gathring 2012 which is taking place at Finhorn in Scotland. It’s being written by me, Rachel Davey, representing The Haven at the Gathering.

We spent the first half of day 2 touring the original Findhorn campus, known as The Park. It was here that the three founders started what was to become the Findhorn Foundation, 50 years ago in a caravan. I took some wonderful photos, which I am hoping to be able to share with you once I can work out how to post photos on this blog!

Our sessions today were focussed on Sustainability and introducing our mission/purpose as centres. It was fascinating to go round the room and hear from 27 centres all over the world. Even though we are organized in various ways and offer a range of programs, we are united by the aspiration to make a difference in the world.

One of the great pleasures of being in this kind of a Gathering is the opportunity to see how different centres are run. I have been struck by a number of things at Findhorn which I want to share with you:

– Each session begins with what is called here ‘attunement’. The circle of people join hands, take some breaths and focus. This happens not just in workshops or conferences, but also in all the work departments.

– Guests are expected to play their part in the work to be done. For our group that means helping cleaning up in the kitchen for one night after dinner. I did that last night.

– Silence plays an important role in decision making at Findhorn. No decision is made without including a period of silence and reflection. I’m fascinated by that concept and look forward to finding out more.

– There is a special department (called I think Spiritual and Personal Development) whose role it is to go to work with departments or groups of people working here to work through any challenges or anything that might be getting in the way of working harmoniously together.

– I am enjoying the food which is very simple. Even here in the north of Scotland they are able to grow about one third of the vegetables they eat. And I look forward to Haven desserts on my return!

I include these not because they are ‘right’, just because I have been particularly struck by them and I am enjoying thinking about these ideas and approaches.

I hope to be able to share the photos tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to showing you some of the amazing sights here. In the meantime I do know how to post one photo, so you will see below Cluny Hill, the old Victorian spa hotel where the Gathering is being held. More tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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