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Jennifer Roger and Blair Stanley

Jennifer Roger Blair Stanley

Jennifer Roger BAppSc(PT), MD, CCFP and Blair Stanley BSc, MD, FCFP are rural family physicians and clinical faculty with the University of British Columbia. They bring a passionate interest in promoting personal development to their work, as they see it as fundamental to an individual’s wellness. As seasoned facilitators, they draw from a wealth of learnings and experience. Personally, Jen and Blair have each been through separation and divorce and lived as single people in their 40s before coming together as life partners. Together they lead Life after Separation and Relationships Skills for Singles, offering compassion, support and opportunity for growth through some of life’s most challenging phases.

Events with Jennifer Roger and Blair Stanley

Luminaries on Demand
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Lunch with Luminaries is a FREE webinar series to share different perspectives on a variety of topics of interest to our community. These talks pay homage to early Haven days where co-founders Ben and Jock invited various thought leaders into conversation – sometimes they agreed with the ideas shared and sometimes they didn’t. We think this spirit of curiosity and generosity is an important core value we hold, and we’re excited to recreate this concept today with time and space-transcending technology! Each webinar has a Haven Host who introduces or interviews the guest speaker, and in some cases takes Q&A…

Journey Together: A Satir Approach to Intimate Relationships
September 18 - 22, 2024

“ I want to love you without clutching, Appreciate you without judging, Join you without invading, Invite you without demanding, Leave you without guilt, Criticize you without blaming, and Help you without insulting. If I can have the same from you, then we can truly meet and enrich each other ”. – Virginia Satir Intimate relationship presents a wonderful opportunity for growth and healing… Virginia Satir has created practical processes for personal transformation. “Journey Together” is a transformative workshop for couples. Based on Satir methods and principles the intention of this workshop is to help couples grow as individuals and…