Faculty Member

Jane Kilthei

Jane Kilthei RM (Hon), DipC brings an open heart and a desire to create a more compassionate world to the programs she leads and assists. She co-leads “Communication Basics: connecting when it matters”, “Communication Intensive: from Fundamentals to Mastery”, and assists at Come Alive, Couples Alive and other Haven core programs. Jane believes that deep listening and the courage to come forward and speak from our values are essential to creating the relationships and world we want. After 30+ years working as a midwife and change-maker, she now focuses on facilitating community dialogue and her resilience-focused coaching practice on Vancouver Island.

Events with Jane Kilthei

ONLINE: Communication Intensive
December 4 - 12, 2021

  Communication Intensive – Connecting in Challenging Times   The Haven’s Communication Model offers a doorway into communicating and connecting when it really matters. As we navigate these uncertain times—in our relationships at home, in our work, and in our communities—stress, tension and anxiety may be front and centre for us or nibbling at our edges. Let’s face it, effective communication can be tough at the best of times—and sometimes even harder over the holidays. Often our closest relationships present us with our greatest communication challenges. Whether we gather in-person or online, times with family and friends over the holiday…