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Gary Dillon

Gary Dillon

Gary Dillon MA has studied psychology, theology, and movement therapy, with an emphasis on Esalen massage and Hawaiian shamanic bodywork. He has wide experience in Taoist and Western esoteric transformations of Eros and offers a renewed and modern vision of sexuality and spirituality moving together. He co-leads Eros and Intimacy, Sex and Spirit for Couples with his wife Elfi Dillon-Shaw, and teaches internationally.

Website: Heart Core Touch

Events with Gary Dillon

The Wild Kindness: Cultivating Erotic Connection in Daily Life
April 12 - 15, 2024

Discover, Engage, Learn, Mend… Discover tools to dispel outdated messages about sexuality, enhance body pleasure, practice communicating wants and needs through lighthearted, fun experiments for erotic play and explore available resources to enhance your erotic life. Engage in intelligent and friendly conversations about eros, intimacy, sex and spirit. Learn to navigate sexual energy in relationships skillfully and with kindness, and how stress and life cycles impact our sexuality. Mend the rift between spirit and sexuality to embrace both. This program will benefit couples who: Grieve the loss of erotic play or sex in their relationship Want to sustain and expand…