Faculty Member

Dr Fred Voon

Dr Voon has been an MD for 20 years, with 15 years experience in the Emergency Department. He’s the author of “Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department—And How to Prevent Having to Go!” a non-fiction for the public aiming to increase health literacy. He’s a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC Faculty of Medicine, Co-President of the South Island Medical Staff Association (MSA), Peer Supporter and member of the MSA Physician Health and Wellness Committee, and President of Victoria Emergency Physicians’ Management.

Contact: DrVoon.ca

Events with Dr Fred Voon

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Lunch with Luminaries is a FREE webinar series to share different perspectives on a variety of topics of interest to our community. These talks pay homage to early Haven days where co-founders Ben and Jock invited various thought leaders into conversation – sometimes they agreed with the ideas shared and sometimes they didn’t. We think this spirit of curiosity and generosity is an important core value we hold, and we’re excited to recreate this concept today with time and space-transcending technology! Each webinar has a Haven Host who introduces or interviews the guest speaker, and in some cases takes Q&A…