Faculty Member

Dr Fred Voon

Dr Voon has been an MD for 20 years, with 15 years experience in the Emergency Department. He’s the author of “Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department—And How to Prevent Having to Go!” a non-fiction for the public aiming to increase health literacy. He’s a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC Faculty of Medicine, Co-President of the South Island Medical Staff Association (MSA), Peer Supporter and member of the MSA Physician Health and Wellness Committee, and President of Victoria Emergency Physicians’ Management.

Contact: DrVoon.ca

Events with Dr Fred Voon

Lunch with Luminaries: Evidence-based Happiness
November 16, 2021

 Join us for a free webinar with Dr. Fred Voon, Emergency Physician. Dr. Fred Voon is an Emergency Physician who sees patients every every shift who are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidality, grief, or chronic pain. He’s also had lived experience with divorce and renewal, coping with the stress of a pandemic, mindfulness, and CBT. This seminar will summarize lessons learned from the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, Western Medicine, and Eastern practices. Learn wellness strategies backed by research that he shares with medical colleagues. Also find out resources he shares in the Emergency Department daily that you can use at…