Haven Coaching


Haven Coaching is intended to assist and support you as you integrate your Haven experience into your life at home. 

This form of coaching is designed to foster a collaborative relationship between the coach and client. The focus is on growth and transition, with the intention of formulating action plans to attain a client’s desired outcome and create fulfillment. Each Haven Coach has a Haven Diploma as well as extensive coaching experience. Read more about Haven Coaching (PDF).

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To book your session, contact the Haven coach of your choice (listed below). Pricing is $125 for a 1 hour session, or a package of 3 sessions for $340. 

Ask about our FREE 20 minute starter session to discover how Haven Coaching works. 

If you prefer to continue working in a group, contact one of our Staying Alive groups.

The Haven Coaches

Cathy Wilder PhD, MEd, RCC, Dip.C

The founder of Creative Connections, which provides coaching practice and counseling services aimed at enhancing her client’s personal, relational and business well-being. Cathy emphasizes the vital importance of “slowing down” and integrating body wisdom with the intelligence of mind, leading to personal transformation and meaningful communication.

She developed her coaching practice in Toronto in the 1980’s while working primarily with Ontario Hydro employees. Her love of the outdoors – particularly kayaking and skiing – led her to BC in 1991, where she also discovered The Haven. “I recognized the value and wonder of the Haven approach,” she says, and since that time she has integrated Haven’s models and concepts into her work with individuals, couples and business teams in BC, China and South America.

Cathy is a core faculty member at The Haven, with a highly intuitive, creative approach to her work who has established a reputation as a deep, respectful, compassionate listener and program leader who offers gentle strength, direct feedback and a commitment to holding others to be whole and resourceful.

CrisMarie Campbell MBA, Dip. C.

I lived life as a chameleon, doing and being what other people wanted me to be. As a result, I was on the rise in a high stress corporate job I didn’t like, and though I made the US Olympic Rowing team, I walked away with a chronic back injury, plus I had a failing relationship, which is how wound up at Haven in 1998.

Unraveling my denial to find me, what I really think, feel and want and making choices that align with me, has given me physical relief, a great relationship, and work that I love, including fun hobbies like acting and golf!

I am Haven coach and lead the Couples Alive Series and Come Alive. I help clients integrate and use the Haven models and tools in their daily lives after the program is over.

I am a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, endorsed Anamsong Mind-Body Coach, have a Masters in Illumination Sciences from JMSI and use Focusing with clients.

Jennifer Hilton C.E.C., Dip C

A dynamic, empathetic and result oriented coaching practitioner/facilitator. Jennifer has provided coaching to individuals in and out of organizations, people in career and life transitions, relationship challenges and in body/movement awareness. Her passion for The Haven and what is offered to people began in 1999, as a participant, and in 2012, she received her Diplomas in Counseling and Group Facilitation.

Her interest and desire to live and learn the relational sciences, including coaching have led her to uncover her own delight in facilitating others to reach their full potential. She received her Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate at Royal Roads University in 2004 while working in Toronto in organization culture change and leadership development.

In 2005, after moving from Toronto to the West Coast, she started her own coaching practice. Jennifer coaches with keen focus, following thoughts, feelings and ideas with curiosity while holding open the space for dialogue and feedback with warmth, compassion, encouragement and humour.

Susa Holt ND, MA

I have been a core faculty member since 1995. Over these years, I have led Come Alive, Living Alive Phase One, Couples 911 and other programs. I combine my deep knowledge of Haven principles, with thirty years of experience working as an integrative healthcare practitioner, fostering body-mind and whole person wellness. I also have a Masters in Organizational Systems and Renewal and I am a Certified Integral Coach. I draw from these disciplines as well, applying my training in systems and design thinking to promote personal growth and professional leadership.

I am passionate in my coaching practice. I employ my broad range of talents and skills, to support you as you continue to integrate new practices from Haven programs into your life, exploring and embodying new ways of being that can be sustained over time and living life with more intention, creativity and fullness.

I am excited to be a part of this new Haven Coaching program and I look forward to what we as a coaching partnership, might co-create for you.

Susan Clarke MS, Dip. C.

I came to The Haven in 1984 with a terminal cancer diagnosis and three months to live. The Come Alive changed my life by starting me on a journey of self-discovery through relating. I found that the quality and fullness of my life was directly dependent upon the quality of my relationships both to others and to myself.

Even now, I continue to practice and learn from The Haven. In addition to leading Come Alive, Couples Alive Series and Living Alive Phase I program, I have built a business with my partner, CrisMarie Campbell. We work with leaders and teams to help them engage in building smart and healthy organizations.

I love coaching people and helping them tap into their own resources. I know when I went home after that first Come Alive, I wanted help integrating the wonderful aliveness I discovered. I am thrilled to be able to help others now with that integration!

Terri Wolfe ACC, Dip. C.

A business professional with 20 years experience running a high-performance organization, Terri added to her portfolio of skills by choosing to focus on group dynamics, and the interaction of humans working together. In the past ten years this has resulted in a coaching designation, a faculty appointment with The Haven, and a growing list of clients benefiting from her unique combination of business experience, and interpersonal insight.

Terri brings a thoughtful, informed approach to the profession of coaching that creates an environment in which clients can explore their options without being led or coerced to embrace a particular modality. Her synthesis of honest feedback and compassionate analysis results in a frank, open discussion in which clients are partners in finding solutions.