• CAD $1,295.00 – KITS tuition

Date & Time Details:
July 10th - dinner at 6pm, first session follows at 7:00pm
July 15th - finish at 12 noon, followed by lunch

Location: at The Haven

Contact: Registration, register@haven.ca

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ONSITE: Kids in the Spotlight (KITS) July 10-15

With Denise Goldbeck

July 10 - 15, 2023

Email register@haven.ca, or call 1-800-222-9211, ext 1 to register.  Online registration is not available for this program.

You can also contact Denise directly at denisegoldbeck@allstagesfoundation.org or visit the Kids in the Spotlight website.

Kids in the Spotlight (KITS) is an evidence-based 5-day performing arts retreat experience that facilitates phenomenal breakthroughs for children, youth, and their families. Created and run by counselor and Developmental Psychology MA Denise Goldbeck, KITS uses the performing arts as a vehicle for awe-inspiring development.

Over the course of five unforgettable days, children and youth of all ages create and perform in a musical production. Along the way, they learn to communicate, respect themselves and others, express themselves confidently, overcome challenges, and heal from difficult experiences. By the end, each child has taken a fun, inspiring, and transformative journey.

Parents or guardians attend the opening session on the first evening of the program, as well as the performance on the last evening (the program ends at noon the following day). Parents or guardians care for their children outside of session times.

Older children have evening sessions; younger children generally do not. Children stay at The Haven with a parent or guardian.

Children learn:

  • Self-awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased poise
  • Greater social understanding
  • Increased social interaction skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Enhanced family relationships
  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased ability to hold attention
  • Sense of belonging
  • Understanding of one’s own development
  • Ability to participate in small and large groups

The group creates a child-led culture through playing games and creating the show. Children are cast according to which roles will benefit them the most. Youth leaders support the performers, helping them to develop self-confidence and social skills. Fun is had by all!

In an optional, complementary session, caregivers learn about:

  • Child development (their own and their children’s)
  • The developmental aspects of the program


Earlybird tuition is $1195 per child plus meal charges, which include a morning and afternoon snack.  Room charges vary depending on room type, you can find out more here or enquire at time of registration.

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Denise Goldbeck
Denise MA, PhD, DipC, RCC  is a developmentalist who specializes in social and moral development in children. She has been working with children, teens and families for 40 years. She is the founder of Kids in the Spotlight and the Youth Leadership Program and leads Personal Parenting. Denise’s purpose in life is to smooth the way for young people as they discover their identities and build their lives. She helps parents increase harmony in their homes and raise children who are prepared to thrive in our challenging world. Website: Kids in the Spotlight
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