Letter from Jane Olynyk

 I have decided to not renew my contract as the Director of Intern Training ending Nov. 30th.  It has been a difficult decision to make and hard to write to tell you why. 

 Let me first say I have loved being in this position and the opportunity it has given me to engage with Haven’s Interns and Core Faculty in such a meaningful way.  Part of the role has invited me to support, nurture and experience the growth of Interns as they transform along this journey.  I have come to know them in the depths of their humanity and caring, while learning how to support others on this path.  It just doesn’t get better than that, even with the challenges, the bumps and messiness that comes with it.   To all of you who participated with me, I thank you for the contribution you have made to my life through your courage, vulnerability, support, and willingness to engage.  You are in my heart and I have been privileged to work with you in this role.

So why I am leaving this position I love?  Simply put, the Board as the governing body and I are not on the same page in several ways and I am tired of fighting to have my voice heard in the role as Director.  Some lessons we learn through adversity and I have learned through this, to step up for what I believe in, even when I believe that no one is listening and it is hard work.  Dialogue is so important to me and I realize I cannot ‘make’ someone listenacknowledge or agree if they are not curious or willing.   I feel sad in making this choice and, also glad to disengage from the struggle and move forward.   I do honestly wish the organization the very best in whatever will emerge. 

I love and fully support what we do in our Core Programs/Training Program and to be clear, I will continue to lead those programs starting in the Spring, if all goes as planned.  I believe we offer the world something truly unique that is based in a foundation of wisdom and knowledge collected over the centuries and beautifully synthesized by Ben and Jock and I am privileged to pass it on to others. 

With Warmth and Appreciation, Jane

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