An announcement from Gary Dillon, Lomilomi kupua, to the Haven community:

Had there been no Pandemic, 2021 would have marked my 20th year as Lomilomi kupua serving on behalf of the Haven community.  As it is, when you come to the Haven hereafter you will no longer find me there.  “Retirement” is not exactly the word.  As one of only two traditionally qualified Lomilomi ke ala Hoku practitioners on Gabriola Island (the other is Jeannie Johns, formerly my student), I shall continue to embody the practice as long as I am given the strength of arm to continue.  If you are one who knows what Lomilomi bodywork is by experience, or if you are simply curious, you will always be welcome to come for tea (or even a session) at Heartcore Touch Studio on Gabriola. There is so much to love in this life.

Rumi wrote,  “Issa slips into a house to elude adversaries/ And opened a door to the other world.”  Should you come my way, we leave all adversity behind—mine, and yours—and speak eagerly about this “other world” of redemption, which is also our world.  And should we never meet again, may the blessing of Lomilomi follow you always—from here to wherever you are.


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