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琳达· 尼科尔 斯 Linda Nicholls

Linda Nicholls, DipC, 是一位長者,她在北美和國際間從事成長與轉化的團體領導工作已超過 35 年。 她是加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省加布里奧拉島海文學院的資深核心導師。 她與各個年齡層和不同文化的人密切合作,領導專注於身體、呼吸和能量等方面的訓練;有意識的呼吸;影子探索;溝通技巧;性慾;哀悼;界定界限;有意識地取代抑鬱症;審視和更新關係;引導青少年進入成年期,等等。


Linda Nicholls DipC is an elder, serving as a guide in transformational circle work for more than thirty-five years in North America and internationally.  She is Senior Faculty with The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. She has worked intimately with people of all ages and several cultures leading programs that focus on body, breath and energy training; conscious breathwork; shadow exploration; communication skills; sexuality; grieving; defining boundaries; conscious alternatives to depression; reviewing and renewing relationships; guiding teens and youth into their adulthood, and more.

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记录 Recording | 友谊与超越:玛丽亚和琳达的旅程 Friendship and Beyond: Maria and Linda’s Journey
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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Maria Gomori on December 10, 2021. Before she passed, Maria was adamant that this talk about Linda’s & her friendship go on, with Maria telling Linda which stories she wanted Linda to tell. Friendship and Beyond: Maria and Linda’s Journey “We connect on our sameness and grow from our differentness” – Virginia Satir Maria Gomori grew up with very few “girlfriends” in her life. And then, over 30 years ago when she was at Haven with Virginia Satir, she met Linda Nicholls. Each came from a very different cultural…