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12月18日,星期六,6-7:30pm PT

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12月19日,星期日,10-11:30am CST

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Saturday, December 18, 6-7:30pm PT

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Sunday, December 19, 10-11:30am CST

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双语 | Bilingual – 友谊与超越:玛丽亚和琳达的旅程 Friendship and Beyond: Maria and Linda’s Journey

With 瑪莉亞‧葛茉利 Maria Gomori and 琳达· 尼科尔 斯 Linda Nicholls

December 18, 2021

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Maria Gomori on December 10, 2021. Before she passed, Maria was adamant that this talk about Linda’s & her friendship go on, with Maria telling Linda which stories she wanted Linda to tell.

Friendship and Beyond: Maria and Linda’s Journey

“We connect on our sameness and grow from our differentness” – Virginia Satir

Maria Gomori grew up with very few “girlfriends” in her life. And then, over 30 years ago when she was at Haven with Virginia Satir, she met Linda Nicholls. Each came from a very different cultural and educational background and yet over time they developed a close and lasting bond. They worked together in both Canada and China, co-created workshops together (including “Transitions”) and shared many travel adventures, including several European and South American countries, Mexico, New York City, Montreal and Israel. Sharing common values of freedom and life-long learning Maria and Linda continued to discover both the similarities and differences between them that stimulate conversation and inquiry to further enrich their relationship right until the end.

Come join Linda and listen to their stories, which include times they have laughed together, agreed to disagree with each other, loved and supported each other, connecting them through space and time, and co-creating their lasting friendship.



This talk will be by donation (pay what you can). Maria & Linda are donating their time in order to help the Haven during a really difficult fiscal period.  Any amount is greatly appreciated by the Haven as things are slow this winter, and we need help to make it through this time.


This online program will be hosted on Zoom, a video conferencing software that is free for participants and easy to use on a variety of devices. You will need to have a device (desktop computer or laptop recommended; tablet or smartphone can work too), reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). You can test your device connection and compatibility in advance here: You will be invited to join the call up to 15 minutes early to receive technical support.

We will be having a “real time” translation into Mandarin Chinese for the talk.

If you are unable to join one of the sessions, we encourage you to still register. Recordings of the teaching components of each session will be accessible online for 30 days. Personal sharing in breakout rooms is not recorded and participants audio and video will never be shared without consent.


非常哀慟地我們通知大家:Maria Gomori 已於 2021 年 12 月 10 日去世。在她離世之前,瑪麗亞堅持繼續完成原定有關談論她與琳達間友誼的募款活動,瑪麗亞交待了琳達她想讓琳達講述哪些故事。


“我们连接我们的相同点,并从我们的不同点中成长” —弗吉尼亚萨蒂尔


瑪莉亞‧葛茉利在她的⽣活中⼏乎没有“女性朋友”。然后,30 多年前,当她和弗吉尼亚萨蒂尔⼀起在海⽂學院,她遇到了琳达· 尼科尔斯。她們来⾃截然不同的⽂化和教育背景,但随着时间的推移,她们建立了密切⽽持久的联系。她们曾在加拿⼤和中国合作,共同创建过⼯作坊(包括 “过渡”這個課程)并分享了许多旅⾏冒险,包括⼏个欧洲和南美国家、墨⻄哥、纽约市、蒙特利尔和以⾊列。她們分享⾃由和终⾝学习的共同价值观。Maria 和 Linda 继续发现她们之间的异同,从⽽激发对话和探究,进⼀步丰富她们的关系。




本次演讲将通过捐赠(尽你所能)的⽅式进⾏。 玛丽亚和琳达奉獻著她们的时间来帮助海⽂學院⽬前正處在⼀个非常困难的财政时期。 Haven 非常感谢任何捐贈的⾦额,因为今年冬天的營運进展缓慢,我们需要帮助才能度过这段时间。



這個線上課程將在免費的Zoom視頻會議軟體上進⾏,學員可以⽅便地在各種裝置上使⽤這個軟體。您會需要⼀個數位裝置,(我們推薦桌上型電腦或膝上型電腦,平板裝置或是⼿機也可以使⽤,)另外必須有順暢的網路連結和聲⾳功能,(我們推薦使⽤耳機,內建或外接式麥克風,或是發聲系統也可⾏。)您可以點選下⾯的連結來測試您的裝置連線以及實⽤性 請在課前30分鐘提早上線,我們將提供必須的技術⽀援服務。




瑪莉亞‧葛茉利 Maria Gomori
MSW, RMFT, Dip.C 瑪莉亞‧葛茉利與維琴尼亞‧薩提爾一起學習和工作了20多年,自1981年以來一直是薩提爾全球網路Satir Network的主要導師。她在海文學院任教數十年,帶領《自我和家庭重建之旅》,最近她還線上指導《薩提爾進階課程》。海文出版了許多她的書,包括她的自傳《愛與自由》(繁體版)《自由的激情》(簡體版)。您可以在維基百科 ( 上閱讀更多關於瑪莉亞的生活和專業相關的信息。 Maria Gomori studied and worked with Virginia Satir for over 20 years and has been a main teacher in the Satir Network since 1981. She has taught at The Haven for decades, leading Journey to Self and more recently coaching Advanced Satir online. The Haven has published a number of her books, including her autobiography, Passion for Freedom.  You can read more about Maria’s life and career here. 『瑪莉亞的生命見證了存在主義所强調的原則:自由、真實、責任,和道德的行動者。 在平衡與勇氣中,她也接受了焦慮、孤獨和令人癱瘓的不確定性等不可避免的挑戰。 她頭腦中充满了關於人的想法、概念和新颖的觀点。』— 黃煥祥和麥基卓 “Maria’s life is a testimony to the principles addressed by existential philosophies: freedom, authenticity, responsibility, and moral agency. With balance and…
Learn more about 瑪莉亞‧葛茉利 Maria Gomori
琳达· 尼科尔 斯 Linda Nicholls
Linda Nicholls, DipC, 是一位長者,她在北美和國際間從事成長與轉化的團體領導工作已超過 35 年。 她是加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省加布里奧拉島海文學院的資深核心導師。 她與各個年齡層和不同文化的人密切合作,領導專注於身體、呼吸和能量等方面的訓練;有意識的呼吸;影子探索;溝通技巧;性慾;哀悼;界定界限;有意識地取代抑鬱症;審視和更新關係;引導青少年進入成年期,等等。   Linda Nicholls DipC is an elder, serving as a guide in transformational circle work for more than thirty-five years in North America and internationally.  She is Senior Faculty with The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. She has worked intimately with people of all ages and several cultures leading programs that focus on body, breath and energy training; conscious breathwork; shadow exploration; communication skills; sexuality; grieving; defining boundaries; conscious alternatives to depression; reviewing and renewing relationships; guiding teens and youth into their adulthood, and more. Website: Linda Nicholls
Learn more about 琳达· 尼科尔 斯 Linda Nicholls