ONSITE Couples Alive I: Foundation

Communication and Boundaries for Couples

Couples Alive is our renowned 4-day program series for couples. If you’re wanting more out of your primary relationship and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it, Couples Alive is for you!​

“I went with a laundry list of grievances and doubts about my partner and left reminded of the huge range of options available to ground myself, see my role, be more boundaried and loving. I feel so much more love, and understood.”

Andrew, Couples Alive

The Couples Alive series is our core offering for people in a primary relationship. Much of what makes Come Alive (our core program for individuals) so unique and transformative underpins these programs, but with a distinctly couples focus. With support and guidance from highly skilled leaders, you will learn and practice The Haven’s proprietary models for communicating and relating with your partner and learn from the diversity of experience around you. All couples meet together during the day and into the evenings, with breaks for relaxation, connection, or adventure in between. In addition to group activities, experiential learning, and discussion, the program leaders offer coaching and feedback to each couple when possible. Couples Alive I: Foundation is an invaluable stand-alone program as well as essential basis for continued learning in the series.

Couples Alive program highlights:

  • 4 focused days together improving, revitalizing, and expanding your relationship
  • A chance to get away and visit Gabriola, one of BC’s most accessible gulf islands
  • In-depth exploration and application of our tried-and-tested Communication Model from a distinctly couples perspective
  • Many years of continued success with hundreds of diverse couples
  • A truly unique approach to relationships developed – and lived – by our founders, Dr. Ben Wong and Dr. Jock McKeen
  • A variety of breathing and body-awareness experiences that you can take home to continue nurturing your connection and growth
  • Discovery of your boundaries and development of skills to express wishes, wants and needs
  • Opportunities for self-care and/or quality time together with our oceanfront hot tub, seasonal pool, onsite bodyworkers, gym, meditation room, forest trails, pool table, games, and more…
  • The magic of a diverse group of couples. The opportunity to learn from and relate to others in this setting is both rich and unique
  • Something different from your traditional couples counseling sessions – couples often report accelerated outcomes compared to individual sessions (though we believe there’s a place for both)
  • Coaching and feedback from experienced and professional leadership who are highly trained both at The Haven and in their various professions
  • A program series that offers opportunities to continue to learn and grow together…

“We are modeling a healthier relationship for our children. What a legacy!”

Lori Appleton, Couples Alive I: Foundation


  • We welcome all people in a primary relationship, whether the individuals identify as male, female, or non-binary
  • Participants will be invited, but not required, to share what’s going on for them and their relationship in the larger group. As with all Haven programs, how you participate is your choice
  • Couples Alive I: Foundation is the basis for this series and must be taken first
  • Couples Alive II: Edge is the next program in the series, building on the learning and experiences of Couples Alive I: Foundation.  
  • Couples Alive III: Day-to-Day is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it.