Donor Appreciation

We thank everyone who has given their time, talents, money, ideas and faith to support The Haven through one of our biggest challenges ever. As we move forward to recover, rebuild and re-imagine all that The Haven can offer, please know that we are ever grateful for your sustaining support.

Together we’ll co-create a more resilient and connected world.

2022 Donors

Clare Addison, Daniel Allen, Louise Amuir, Wendy Ashcroft, Nellie Bonin, Alana Boorman, Jan Borgonjon, Richard Brens, Tracey Brown, Rhonda Bruce, Roberta Burrows, Caleb Buxton, Kristina Campbell, Gillian Chandler, Liz Wen-Hsien Chin, Susan Clarke, Sue Clarkson, Dorothy Corbeil, Chriss Corbett, Brooke Cox, Bonnie Craig, Emma Culpeper, Rachel Davey, Jacqueline Day, Mark Etkin, John Fraser, Vicky Frederiksen, Christine Gaucher, Katherine Giovando, Mike Gobbi, Ana Gundzik, Rose Hunter, Eric Iwabuchi, Heather Jackson, Shana Johnston and Dave Goossen, Dale Kelly, Jane Kilthei and Larry Lenske, Knelson Family Foundation, Brenda Knight and Dennis Wohlgemuth, Larry Kreisman, Dea Lloyd, Ceara Lornie, Maria Malmgren, Peter Matheson, Norma McCormick, Jock McKeen, Cathy McNally, Scot Merriam, Sharon Miller, Dawn Mills, Kathy Morris, Sue Muirhead, Lynn Nixon, Mark Norman, Karen Nye, Dave Paquet, Joann Peterson Royalties, Provincial Employees Community Services Fund, Brent Rolufs, Morag Ruckman, Lori Ryz, Anna Schmidt, Al Schultz, Wendy Schulz, Steve Shears, Dixia (Anna) Shi, David Skinner, Christina and Daniel Smith, Rosemary Smith, Sher Snow, Sandra Somerville, Wendy Stalker, Robin Stewart, Karin Stiefenhofer, Shaya Sy-Rantfors, Ryan Tooby, Victoria Foundation, Fred Voon, Jason Wale and Margaret Manville, Roberta Walker, Leslie and Wally Whyte, Catherine Wilder, Alan Wise, Yafang Sun

2021 Monthly Donors

Clare Addison, Daniel Allen, Louise Amuir, Corey Blades, Alana Boorman, Sharon Bond, Jan Borgonjon, Richard Brens, Tracey Brown, Rhonda Bruce,  Roberta Burrows, Caleb Buxton, Kristina Campbell,  Gillian Chandler, CharlieTse-Yin Chen & Liz Wen-Hsien Chin, Susan Clarke, Sue Clarkson, Dorothy Corbeil, Chriss Corbett, Brooke Cox, Bonnie Craig, Emma Culpeper, Gerri Dale, Rachel Davey & Toby Macklin, Jacqueline Day,  Wayne Dodge in memory of Gwen Ewan,  Mark Etkin,  John & Marta Fraser, Vicky Frederiksen, Christine Gaucher, Katherine Giovando,, Mike Gobbi,  Ana Gundzik, Jennifer Hilton,  Mary & Gary Holdgrafer, Susa Holt & Bryan Croeni, Eric Iwabuchi, Jane Kilthei & Larry Lenske, Bren Knight & Dennis Wohlgemuth,  Heather Jackson, Shana Johnston & Dave Goossen,  Dale Kelly, Jo-Ann & Rob Kevala, Dea Lloyd, Catherine Lord, Ceara Lornie,Jennifer (Jema) Machado, Maria Malmgren, Rudy & MaryAnne Marchildon, Peter Matheson, Cathy McNally, Scot Merriam, Sharon Miller,  Kathy Morris, Sue & Aubrey Muirhead, Cathy Mutis, Lynn Nixon, Mark & Ebony Norman,  Tony Ollivier, Jane Olynyk,  Rick Palmer & Suzanne Gill, Dave Paquet, Dee Pettman, Debi Potts & Brent Rolufs,  Martie Robinson, Morag Ruckman, Anna Schmidt, Wendy Schulz, Al Schultz & Leona Kolla, Steve Shears, Anna Dixia Shi, David Skinner, Dan & Christina Smith, Sher Snow, Ty Stalker, Wendy Stalker,  Ryan Tooby,  Jason Wale & Margaret Manville, Leslie & Wally Whyte, Cathy Wilder, Alan Wise, and a few anonymous.

2020 Year End Campaign Supporters:

These generous people are co-creating a brighter 2021 for The Haven! Thank you to:

  • Anonymous x 12
  • Louise Amuir
  • Andrew Bing
  • Paula Brent
  • David & Peggy Brosz
  • Geoffrey Carr
  • Sarabeth Carnat
  • Liz Chin
  • Dorothy Corbeil
  • Jackie Day
  • D&E Towing & Salvage
  • Ruth Emerson & Bob Owen
  • Mark Etkin
  • Anne Farrington
  • Vicky Frederiksen
  • Maya Goossen
  • Mark Gunderson
  • Tom Hackney
  • Anne Hale
  • Ron Heisler
  • Richard Helm
  • Dale Kelly
  • Robert & Challayne Kenney
  • Lauren Keufler
  • Jane Kilthei
  • Jessica Knowles
  • Sharon Kobrinsky
  • Greg Kopta
  • Gerry Laforge
  • Tom & Janet Lesosky
  • Dea Lloyd
  • Jennifer (Jema) Machado
  • Jeff & Julie Marshall
  • Tia McDiarmid
  • Cathy McNally
  • Arielle Meynen-Boyd
  • Karen Minden
  • Julie Newton
  • Lynn Nixon
  • Mark Olson
  • Sierra Osmers
  • Jeff Parke & Nancy Carter
  • Emily Quarton
  • Rachel Penner
  • Danny & Christina Smith
  • Rosemary and Bill Smith
  • Karen Stephens & Mark Collins
  • Ryan Tooby
  • Dave Unsworth
  • Kimberley Urch
  • Kevin Wong
  • Randy Wong
  • Christopher Worswick

Alive to Thrive Campaign Supporters:

The Haven’s Alive to Thrive Fundraising Campaign was about coming together to recover, rebuild, and re-imagine in the wake of Covid-19. 

These generous people are helping co-create a more resilient and connected world. Thank you to

  • Shawn Adye in honour of myself
  • Kathleen Alexander in honour of The Haven
  • Tom Amson in memory of Come Alive 1992 with Ben & Jock – still benefitting!
  • Louise Amuir
  • Katherine Anderson in honour of Emily Anderson
  • Lesley Anderson
  • Solanna Anderson
  • Eric Bao
  • Charles Blackwell
  • Paula Brent
  • Peter & Julaine Brent
  • David & Peggy Brosz
  • Kristina Campbell
  • Brian Carolan
  • Brad Cassidy & Ronaye Matthew
  • Beverly Chaba
  • Cheryl Cheverie
  • Carolyn Clarke in memory of Ernie McNally’s life-changing suggestion
  • Sue Clarkson
  • Dorothy Corbeil
  • Chriss Corbett
  • Cathy Corrigan
  • Julie Cook
  • Margot Cooper
  • Margaret Critchlow
  • Emma Culpeper
  • Jackie Day
  • Kurt Deschner
  • Tammy Dewar
  • Silvia DiBlasio
  • Elizabeth Dixon
  • Jim Dobinson
  • Brian Dodsworth in appreciation of Dale Kelly
  • Sue Donaldson in memory of Gwen Ewan
  • Ann Doyle
  • Fiona Duncanson
  • Julie Durivage & Stephane Ouellet
  • Marion Eklof
  • Merle Enge in memory of Dave Stewart
  • Jason Englisch in honour of Dianne Englisch
  • Mark Etkin
  • Morley Faber
  • Catherine Fallis
  • Kim Feltham
  • Christopher Fleck
  • Rob Florkiewicz
  • Jennifer Fraser in honour of Angus Fraser-Brown
  • Francine Gaudet & James Pryor
  • Narv Gill
  • Mike Gobbi
  • Christina Godlewska
  • Golden Thread
  • Larry Golding
  • Brenda Goossen
  • Louise Gordon
  • Amanda Gravel in honour of Jake Michael
  • Erica Gregory
  • Nathalie Guerin
  • Thomas Hackney
  • Kent Haden
  • Barbara Hall
  • Robyn (Janyk) Hines & Dan Hines in memory of Larry Janyk
  • Claire Hirst
  • Mary & Gary Holdgrafer
  • Robert Isbister in memory of Ben Wong
  • Heather Jackson – twice!
  • Susan Jackson
  • Susan Johnson
  • Shana Johnston, Dave Goossen, Maya Goossen in memory of Lauraline
  • Allan Kaufman in honour of my life transitioning from The Haven
  • Dale Kelly
  • Jane Kilthei & Larry Lenske
  • Liam Lavelle
  • Drew Lawton
  • Nancy Leslie
  • Adeera Levin
  • Lightlever Systems Inc
  • Risa Litwin in honour of the past lives we shed to be more fully present in the now
  • Dea Lloyd
  • Catherine Lord
  • Carole MacDonald
  • Renee Macdonald
  • Jennifer (Jema) Machado
  • Maria Malmgren
  • Lorne Mannen
  • Mercedes Martinson
  • Alison Mathieu in memory of Dianne Anderson
  • Peter Matheson in memory of Joann Peterson
  • Moira McCollom
  • Cathy McNally
  • Joan McNeely
  • Donna Melville in memory of Alan Brown’s painted toes and Dianne Anderson
  • Lorayn Menicoche in memory of Penny Dunlop, a rare person
  • Tracy Mills 
  • Terrence Mobberley
  • Susan Mooney
  • Cathy Mutis
  • Alexander Nataros in honour of David Raithby
  • Linda Nicholls in memory of Scott Nicholls
  • Daniela Nolano
  • Kathy Obad
  • Tony Ollivier & Jo-Anne Gordon
  • Meghan O’Neill
  • Karla Osborne
  • Pegasus Recovery Solutions
  • Rachel Penner
  • Cheryl Piket
  • Wendy Pitcher
  • Denise Pridmore
  • Jan Pullinger
  • Lars Reese-Hansen
  • Martie Robinson
  • NIcole Rogers
  • Nancy Ross in memory of Marlyn Farrell
  • Cameron Roy in honour of Ben & Jock
  • Hildegard Sarghie
  • Leatrice Scott in memory of Terry Scott
  • Lois Sharpe
  • Sandi Sheridan in memory of Kevin, Rhodos & Johnny
  • Merlene Sibley
  • David Skinner
  • Bill & Rosemary Smith in memory of Ben
  • Danny & Christina Smith
  • Leigh-Ann Smith
  • Wendy Stalker in memory of the sad self I grew out of at The Haven!
  • Jayn Steele
  • Julie Steward
  • Olivia Stille
  • Lynn Sumida in honour of Mona Mackay
  • Jennifer Sun
  • Cora Tao
  • Ryan Tooby
  • Suzanne Touahria
  • Barry Truter
  • Leann Vaughan
  • Fred Voon
  • Michael Weiner in honour of Sylvia Weiner
  • Cathy Wilder
  • Christine Wilson
  • Randy Wong
  • Debbie Yao
  • Julian Young
  • and several other anonymous donors

Thank you to all our many donors who have supported us over the years. Your ongoing support ensures that our valuable work can continue. By giving, you make a difference and you directly touch the lives of others.

The Phoenix Circle of Spirit

Lifetime Contribution over $100,000

  • David Beckwermert
  • Andrew Bing
  • Gwen Ewan
  • Golden Thread Foundation
  • Anne Hale
  • Hummingbird Foundation
  • Laurie Kelley and Scott Poole, through Victoria Foundation
  • McGregor Young Foundation
  • Jock McKeen and Bennet Wong
  • Justin McKeen
  • Kevin Wong
  • Randy Wong
  • Julian Young

The Swallow Circle of Harmony

Lifetime contribution $25,000-$100,000

  • Wayne Dodge
  • John and Carolyn Gill
  • Mark and Sandy Gunderson
  • Doug Johnson
  • Shana Johnston, Dave Goossen and Maya Goossen
  • Tom and Janet Lesosky
  • Letting Go Foundation/Jennifer Sass
  • Edward D Luck
  • Bob Matthews
  • McGregor Young Foundation
  • Joan McNeely in memory of Michael McNeely
  • Roy Verbrugge
  • Terri Wolfe
  • Michael and Leanne Wood

Legacy Circle

  • Andrew Bing
  • Gillian Chandler
  • Chriss Corbett
  • Ruth Emerson & Bob Owen
  • Gwen Ewan
  • Anne Hale
  • Judy Hancock Holland
  • Patricia Henderson
  • Ceara Lornie
  • Monica Milas & John McCallum
  • Scot Merriam
  • Joan McNeely
  • Jane Olynyk​
  • Roy Verbrugge
  • Cathy Wilder
  • Bennet Wong & Jock McKeen


Annual $1000 or monthly gift over $50

Ron & Jeannette Adkins, Andrew Bing, Jan Borgonjon, Caleb Buxton, Kristina Campbell, CharlieTse-Yin Chen & Liz Wen-Hsien Chin, Sue Clarkson, Chriss Corbett, Brooke Cox, Bonnie Craig, Gerri Dale, Jim Dobinson in memory of Kristian Cutler, Wayne Dodge in memory of Gwen Ewan, Ruth Emerson & Bob Owen, Mark Etkin, Kim Feltham, Warren Fraleigh, Mike Gobbi, Golden Thread Foundation, Shelby Goud, Sandy & Mark Gunderson, Jennifer Hilton, Susa Holt & Bryan Croeni, Hummingbird Foundation, IBM Employee Charitable Fund, Roland & Emma Jarrett, Robert Johnston in honour of Kirstin Johnston, Shana Johnston & Dave Goossen, Laurie Kelley & Scott Poole, Dale Kelly, Jo-Ann & Rob Kevala, Catherine Lord, Jennifer (Jema) Machado, Lorne Mannen, McGregor Young Foundation, Joan McNeely, Mark & Ebony Norman, Debi Potts & Brent Rolufs, Jan Pullinger, Al Schultz & Leona Kolla, Anna Dixia Shi, David Skinner, Dan & Christina Smith, Rosemary & Bill Smith, Karen Stephens & Mark Collins, Jennifer RuiXue Sun, Dave Unsworth, Victoria Foundation Gwen Ewan Fund, Cathy Wilder, Fran Willgress, Wolfe Mining, Julian Young.


Annual $100-$999 or monthly gift $5-$49

Clare Addison, Daniel Allen, Carole Ames & Bill Leuze, Richard & Louise Amuir, Greg Andrew,  Daniel Arnold, Sonja Arntzen & Richard Lynn, Bud & Michele Baldwin, Fran Baum, BDO, Sarah Belzile, Corey Blades, Sharon Bond, Alana Boorman, BC Provincial Employees, Richard Brens, Paula Brent, Graemme Brown, Tracey Brown, Rhonda Bruce,  Roberta Burrows, CABER Inc, Linda Callahan, Geoff Carr & Judy Cashmore, Brad Cassidy & Ronaye Matthew, Darrell Chambers, Gillian Chandler, John Chapman, Dorothy Corbeil, Leigh Cornett, Margaret Critchlow, Emma Culpeper, Roxanne Davern, Rachel Davey & Toby Macklin, Jacqueline Day, Lynn Debienne, Elfi & Gary Dillon, Leah Dobell, Sue Donaldson, Naomi Donat & Jim McKenzie, Diana Earl, Chris Erickson, Morley Faber, Rebecca Fairweather, Catherine Fallis, Lou Farrell in memory of Marlyn Farrell, Terri Foster, John & Marta Fraser, Vicky Frederiksen, Christine Gaucher, Katherine Giovando, Mike Gobbi, Brenda Goossen, Matthew Goud,  Amanda Gravel, Erica Gregory, Cheryl Grossman, Nathalie Guerin, Gulf Island Seaplanes, Ana Gundzik, Thomas Hackney, Barbara Hall, Roula Hartman, Tiffany Haziza in honour of Penny Dunlop, Kelsey Heikoop, Barbara Henn Pander, Janet Hicks, Mary & Gary Holdgrafer, Ying Huang, Eric Iwabuchi, Jane Kilthei & Larry Lenske, Bren Knight & Dennis Wohlgemuth, Sharon & Vernon Kobrinsky, Greg Kopta, Gerry Laforge, Kiki Laxton in honour of Andrew Bing, WenShwu Lee, Dea Lloyd, Ceara Lornie, Monica Luke in honour of Andrew Bing, Rudy & MaryAnne Marchildon, Peter Matheson, Betty Gene McCallum, Tia McDiarmid, Kathy McGrenera, Cathy McNally, Naomi Melnyk, Scot Merriam, Tammy Mikelson, Sharon Miller, Karen Minden, Kathy Morris, Sue & Aubrey Muirhead, Cathy Mutis, Stephan Neszpor, Linda Nicholls in honour of Scott Nicholls, Lynn Nixon, Tony Ollivier, Jane Olynyk, Jeff Parke & Nancy Carter, Rick Palmer & Suzanne Gill, Suzanne Partridge, Dave Paquet, Carrie Peacock, Joann Peterson Royalties, Dee Pettman, Kelley & Grace Poole, Penny Robertshaw, Martie Robinson, Daniel Ruane, Morag Ruckman, Leslie Sanderson, Jeana Sanger, Anna Schmidt, Wendy Schulz, Paule Senechal, Steve Shears, Sher Snow, Ty Stalker, Wendy Stalker, Dawn Stremel, TELUS, Ryan Tooby, Rebecca Tull, Louise Turgeon, United Way of Canada, Jason Wale & Margaret Manville, Leslie & Wally Whyte, Sonya Wilson, Alan Wise, Steve Wohlleben, Randy Wong, Sabrina Yeudall.

Donors to Savin’ The Haven GoFundMe

Daniel Allen, Louise Amuir, Kristina Baerg, Josie Baker, Sullivan Baker, Melodi Barnes, Jackson Buchanan, Gillian Chandler, Carolyn Davidson, Kim Feltham, Claire Hirst, Leslie Hoffman, Mary Holdgrafer, Jane Geesman, Roland Jarrett, Lesley Lee, Rory Macklin, Mercedes Martinson, Tyler Palov, Elaina Parsons, Heather Pineo, Dalelyn Secord, Rosemary Smith, Robert Sullivan, Trent Wright.

Donors to Young Adult Symposium Support

Jim Dobinson & Jennifer Cutler in memory of Kristian Cutler, Golden Thread Foundation,

Contributors to the Hot Tub Replacement Fund 2018

Carole Ames & Bill Leuze, Louise & Richard Amuir, Jim Auchterlonie, Mathew Babey, Fran Baum, Paula Blundell, Nellie Bonin, Jan Borgonjon, Francis Braden, Richard Brens, Graemme Brown, Gillian Chandler, Michelle Chapman, Liz Chin & Charlie Chen, Dorothy Corbeil, Brooke Cox, Bryan Croeni & Susa Holt, Elfi Dillon-Shaw, Elizabeth Dixon, Matt and Taisa Dunn, Morley Faber, Marlyn Farrell, Kim Feltham, Warren Fraleigh, Vicky Frederiksen, Jane Geesman, Golden Thread, Anne Hale, Barbara Hall, Tara Hall, Jennifer Hilton, Roland & Emma Jarrett, Shana Johnston & Dave Goossen, Dale Kelly, Jo-Ann & Rob Kevala, Erin Kicks, Deirdre Kirkwood, Bridget Kowey, Lynne Larsen, David Liebe & Karen Johnsson, Dea Lloyd, Doug MacLellan, Hanif Mamdani, Dennis Marriott, Alison Maxwell, BettyGene McCallum, Cathy McNally, Joan McNeely, Naomi Melnyk, Gayla Meredith, Sue & Aubrey Muirhead, Cathy Mutis, Jane Olynyk, Adam & Daisy Orser, Bob Owen & Ruth Emerson, Dave Paquet, Bettina Rothe, Leslie Sanderson, Dan & Christina Smith, Sher Snow, Karen Stephens & Mark Collins, Dave Unsworth, Victoria Foundation, Regina Wenzil and Chris Young, Christine Whelan, Cathy Wilder, Sonya Wilson, Dennis Wohlegemuth & Bren Knight, Kristina Wray, Julian Young, And several anonymous donors!

Contributors to Kristin Johnston Legacy Fund

Thomas Aust & Kate Pitfield, Beaches Hot Yoga Toronto, BeHot Yoga Toronto, Bikram Yoga Montreal Walker Studio, Bikram Yoga Montreal Laurier Studio, Breathing Roots Yoga & Wellness Westlock, Coastal Bliss Yoga Tofino, Halifax Yoga, Haven Yoga, Hemma Yoga Victoria, Kimberly Johnston, Journey Yoga, Rosemary Mihalyi, Kirstin Johnston Legacy Fund , Michael Johnston, Robert Johnston, Moksha Yoga Halifax, Nava Yoga, One Tiger Yoga Toronto, Open Door Yoga Vancouver, Thomas Pitfield & Anna Gainey, Shanti Hot Yoga Halifax, Yoga and Beyond Calgary. For more information about the Kristin Johnston Legacy, visit

In Honour of Marlyn Farrell 2018

Richard & Louise Amuir, Ewart Farrell, Lou Farrell, Roland Jarrett, Rob & Jo-Ann Kevala, Lorraine Munro, Martie Robinson, Nancy Ross, Leslie Sanderson, Dan & Christina Smith, Cathy Wilder, Beverly Yates, and 2 anonymous.

In Honour of Sylvia Edlund 2014

Liz Valiulis, Fenja Brodo

In Honour of Ernie McNally 2014

Richard and Louise Amuir, Fran Baum and Paul Laris, Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell, Rachel Davey and Toby Macklin, Jackie Day, Wayne Dodge, Sasha Kay-Grummett, Jo-Ann and Rob Kevala, Bren Knight and Dennis Wohlgemuth, Joan McNeely, Jan Pullinger, Debbie Potts and Brent Rolufs, Morag Ruckman and Cheryl Redford, Sher Snow, Cathy Wilder.

In Honour of Don Hutton 2014

Louise Amuir, Corey Blades, Tina Boehm, Rachel Davey and Toby Macklin, Elfi Dillon-Shaw, Marlyn Farrell, Floyd and Birkin, Bob and Jen Franks, Jema Machado, George MacKenzie-Grieve, Bren Knight and Dennis Wohlgemuth, Jane Olynyk, Bernard Senechal, Paule Senechal.

In Honour of Bennet Wong 2013

Carole Ames and Bill Leuze, Louise Amuir, Marge Arnold in memory of Murray, Bud and Michele Baldwin, Michael Brisley, Roberta and Doug Burrows, Brad Cassidy and Ronaye Matthew, Ross and Leslie Chang, Bernie and John Clarke, Dorothy Corbeil, Rachel Davey and Toby Macklin, Dai Jie, Jackie Day, Wayne Dodge, Serena Dong Yi Shan, Catherine Fallis, Marlyn Farrell, Richard Fee, Sean Feng, Sarah Fleury, Ashanti Fraser, Gao Wei and Wang Fan, John and Carolyn Gill, Margaret Giske, Judy Hancock-Holland, Anne Hale, David Hargrave, Simon He Wei Qiang and Annie Huang Yee, David Hu Daping, William and Christine Jenner, Laurie Kelley and Scott Poole through Victoria Foundation, Laura-Jean Kelly and Cameron Murray, Jo-Ann and Rob Kevala, Maggie Lei Li, Annie Liu Xia, Tony Liu Song Lin, Cheryl, Stan and Andrew Lye, James Mackie, Doug MacLellan, Jema Machado, BettyGene McCallum, Sandey McCartney and David Raithby, Jock McKeen, Brenda McLeod, Joan McNeely, Gillian Neumann, Maureen Neylan, Karen Nye, Debi Potts and Brent Rolufs, Lyle Povah, Brent Prenevost, Suromitra Sanatani, Jeana Sanger, Al Schultz and Leona Kolla, Bill and Rosemary Smith, Sun Yafang, Dave Unsworth, Cathy Wilder, Linda Wischoff, Li Min, Jacky and Jane Wang, Kevin Wong, Lawrence Young, Liu Zhang XinYin.

In Honour of Gwen Ewan 2012

Louise Amuir, Bud & Michele Baldwin, Dorothy Corbeil, Rachel Davey & Toby Macklin, Wayne Dodge, Sue Donaldson, Marlyn Farrell, Wendy Foster, Jennifer Hilton, Shana Johnston & Dave Goossen, Laurie Kelley & Scott Poole through Victoria Foundation, Jane Kilthei & Larry Lenske, Jan Kirkpatrick, Bren Knight & Dennis Wohlgemuth, Jeff Parke & Nancy Carter, Jan Pullinger, Dan & Christina Smith, Keith Spencer, Cathy Wilder.

In Honour of Alan Brown 2012

Louise Amuir, Sonja Arntzen, Carol Bickell, Tina Boehm, James Brown, Susan Brown, Felicity Churchill, Rachel Davey & Toby Macklin, Elfi Dillon-Shaw, Wayne Dodge, Ute Ewert, John Fleury, Jema Machado, Sheila Malcolmson, Kerry Marcus, Sharon Miller.

Supporters of the Facilities Masterplan

David Beckwermert, Chriss Corbett, Anne Hale, Shana Johnston & Dave Goossen, Laurie Kelley & Scott Poole through Victoria Foundation, Leona Kolla & Al Schultz.