Toolkits Near You

The Haven has been transforming lives through experiential learning for decades on our oceanfront property on Gabriola Island. Since 2010, we've been taking our renowned models and programming on the road to introduce new people to what The Haven has to offer and to provide opportunities for past participants to reconnect! 

If you've never been to The Haven...

We know that attending programs on Gabriola Island is an investment of resources and energy, so we want to give you a chance to experience the value of our unique offering in your own backyard first. Toolkits are a great introduction to our renowned models for communicating and relating and a chance to meet some of our leadership team too. If you don't see your town on this list, but want to know more about The Haven before attending a program here, please contact our Registrars for more resources and information. 

If you're already part of The Haven community...

Toolkits are a fantastic opportunity to introduce your friends and family to what you've learned and experienced on Gabriola Island. Many of our past participants also attend Toolkits as an easily accessible means to stay connected with their learning and to receive guidance and feedback while practicing their skills. If you don't see your town on this list and are keen to partner with us, please get in touch. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Haven Toolkit:

  1. It's sample size. Our full length programs are intense -- in a good way -- but intense nonetheless. We know how incredible our programming is, but you might not...yet. Haven Toolkits give you a chance to dip your toe in, have a taste, try it on, before you commit to attending a 3, 5, or 25 day program on Gabriola Island. 
  2. It's the highlight reel. Toolkits are our chance to showcase the best of what we offer at The Haven. You won't be able to go nearly as deep as you will in a program, but you'll learn about our proprietary models that form the basis for all of our core offerings. 
  3. It's in your backyard. Maybe not literally, but its closer than our oceanfront property on Gabriola Island. As far as gulf islands go, Gabriola is the most accessible to get to, but even still, nothing beats us coming to you. 
  4. It'll save you in the long run. If you're even considering a core program at The Haven, it's worth attending. The 1-day workshop ends with a $250 coupon off any core program at The Haven. You invest $50, we invest $250 back in tuition credit*
  5. It's good self-care. When is the last time you gave yourself the time and space to learn about YOU? What makes you tick? What are your boundaries? What are your triggers?  
  6. It's good for your career. Success in the workplace boils down to relationships and communication -- our bread and butter. In an experiential learning environment, we teach a renowned model for communicating and relating, with time for practice and feedback. Plus, a skills development workshop never hurt a resume...
  7. It's good for your personal relationships. What you learn in a Toolkit is highly relevant, everyday means for finding greater connection with self, others, and our world. Communicating and relating are not niche, "soft" skills -- they're essential. And yet, we often find ourselves in unhelpful patterns having never learning another way.

Check out this list below for your next opportunity to join us! 

Upcoming Toolkits:


Victoria, BC

The Haven Meaningful Connections Toolkit, November 2nd 

Much has been said about the apparent disconnection and isolation of our society today.  The finger has been pointed in many directions, including changing family make-up, global seismic changes, and the advent of social media.

So what is meaningful connection?  What does it look like, feel like?  How do you reach out and connect?  How do you know when you ARE connected?

This one-day fun and interactive workshop will help you to better understand the many faces of connection; and create meaningful connections with yourself, others, and the world we live in.

Learn more & Register here:


Coming Soon:

Vancouver, BC

April 2020 Toolkit coming soon... Please check back or, if you're on our mailing list, wait for a special invitation!