Faculty Member

Mackenzie Dickson

Mackenzie is a facilitator, educator, and professional futurist that loves engaging with groups in exploring both personal and global issues.

After completing his MSc in Strategic Foresight, Mackenzie took his relentless curiosity to the United Nation’s Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization to further his learning about futures literacy and global systems. With UNESCO, he had the opportunity to facilitate workshops internationally for policymakers and government advisers. Mackenzie was also one of the facilitators at the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum, where 500 talented youth from 159 countries came together to explore new options for the future. He was then proud to support the youth representatives in presenting the Forum’s recommendations to the UN delegates and global leaders at COP 21 (the 2015 Paris Climate Conference).

Futures literacy, innovation, and design continue to be passions for Mackenzie, but he also believes that building meaningful relationships, teams, and communities is an essential part of life – and of creating change. To that end, Mackenzie created FAM Studios and partnered with Florence Cosulich and Annika Raithby to design and offer engaging group experiences intended to provoke curiosity, vulnerability, openness, and connection. To create these activities, Mackenzie draws on his experience and education from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, from his BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, from his hands-on group facilitation and personal development training from The Haven, and from the thousands of people he has worked with both locally and internationally. He recognizes and appreciates the opportunities he has had in his education and travels, and continues to learn, and unlearn, about privilege as he designs new services calibrated to a whole planet future.

Mackenzie is endlessly fascinated by the complex relationship between social interactions and emergent societal patterns. When he is not plotting world domination on his many whiteboards, you’ll find him nerding out on psychology, technology, education, physiology, sustainability, complexity theory, and design… and okay, maybe hanging out with friends and whipping out a TikTok dance or two.