Faculty Member

Leslie Whyte

Leslie Whyte DipC, Certified Calling in “The One” Conscious Uncoupling and Feminine Power Coach is a passionate and creative counsellor, group facilitator and relationship coach.

She brings a wealth of knowledge, a strong desire to be personal and a depth of caring for the people she works with.  Her capacity to integrate what she is learning and teaching, brings a new dimension of wholeness to those she is working with inspiring them to transform their lives.

Leslie has an enthusiasm for working with couples and individuals who wish to discover what is possible in their lives as they breathe new life into themselves and transform into someone who was previously unrecognizable to them.  She believes this happens when we connect with a deeper source of knowing ourselves, others and life and what we need to do is activate the potential, that is inside of us.

She has been associated with The Haven since 1989 and has been either assisting in or leading Come Alive, Living Alive I & II in both Canada and Asia.