Faculty Member

Cathy Wilder

Cathy Wilder, Haven Core Faculty, MEd, RCC, Dip-C, is a creative and compassionate group leader, counsellor and coach, who leads Come Alive, and Deep Listening: Core Skills for Coaching, and other workshops in both Canada and China. 
She is a skilled clinical counsellor with a specialty in addictions, alongside a deep understanding of mental health concerns, working with Fraser Health MHSU for twenty years.

Events with Cathy Wilder

ONLINE: Transforming Addictions: Sustaining Recovery & Embracing Life  
September 7, 2021

Many people say The Haven was “the missing link” in their recovery from a variety of addictive behaviours. This 6-week series will focus on sustaining recovery and embracing life.  We may hear the word “addiction” and think of alcohol or hard drugs, however, addictive substances can also include things like caffeine, sugar, tobacco, and cannabis. And, while substance addictions are common forms of dependency, they are also not the only ones! This series also applies to people struggling with behavioural addictions, like gambling, sex (including online pornography), internet browsing and social media, shopping, video gaming, plastic surgery, binge-eating/food, risk-taking, pain-seeking, spiritual obsessing, over-exercising, over-working, self-hate/victimization and other…