Faculty Member

Angela Walkley

For many years, Angela used NonViolent Communication as a professional facilitator and plalner working through tough dialogue, decisions and conflict situations. She found NVC powerful in decoding and transforming the judgments, blame and demands spoken during complex and difficult situations.

Years later, she found herself relying on the practices of NVC to get through turmoil in her relationship and family life. As she fully stepped into it, she discovered the deep strength in how NVC could support her and others: that it could change relationships; could transform conflict and pain, lead to mutually beneficial decisions and could lead people into lives of greater vitality and connection.

Angela’s work is currently focused on offering workshops related to personal growth, social change, consciousness and workplace communication/leadership. She leads several year-long programs, provides support to Trainer Candidates, and is involved in corporate and community-based projects for creating a culture of compassion. She is a founder of the Salish Sea Empathy Society and the Gabriola NVC Summer Camp.