Faculty Member

Bev Bagnall-Hope

Swampy Cree. Bev offers an amassed 33 years as a social worker in various capacities in front line and leadership roles in First Nation community, NGO’s, Government, both Provincial & Territorial as well as within formal and informal educational settings.

Bev is a champion at individual & community change initiatives facilitated in a culturally respectful process. Bev has been mentored and endorsed by Dr. Darlene Auger the visionary of the Wiwipson as a decolonized method of Traditional Healing. Bev has had her own baby swing bundle and has assisted others in their healing process for 18 years.

Bev has been trained in Western professional and Traditional cultural leadership practices. Bev has been taught and mentored by several significant Elders and Knowledge keepers. The acknowledgment of attaining the rights to become a teacher happened when her main Elder transferred to her his grey hair. This sacredness is held in a gentle and loving way.

Events with Bev Bagnall-Hope

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Lunch with Luminaries is a FREE webinar series to share different perspectives on a variety of topics of interest to our community. These talks pay homage to early Haven days where co-founders Ben and Jock invited various thought leaders into conversation – sometimes they agreed with the ideas shared and sometimes they didn’t. We think this spirit of curiosity and generosity is an important core value we hold, and we’re excited to recreate this concept today with time and space-transcending technology! Each webinar has a Haven Host who introduces or interviews the guest speaker, and in some cases takes Q&A…