Faculty Member

徐扬 Yang Xu, 翻譯 Translator


曾多年就职于加拿大维多利亚救济中心,从事流浪者及吸毒者的紧急心理救助及社会资源整合;曾就职于加拿大维多利亚家庭服务中心(Family Service of Greater Victoria),从事少年儿童及家长的心理治疗咨询,及组织带领团队的心理辅导治疗。加拿大彩虹堂(Rainbow Hall Society)非盈利组织咨询顾问,及同伴帮助项目培训导师。现作为独立心理咨询师进行线上及线下心理咨询,在同馨济慈健康咨询中心,华东师范大学,中智关爱通EAP等机构进行个人及家庭的心理咨询服务及团辅。玛瑞亚家庭治疗与家庭重塑学术委员会兼职助理。上海Halo后现代心理培训ICCP项目特聘翻译。

Yang Xu is a Canada BC Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with enthusiasm for working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. She received her B.A. in Psychology, and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology, both from University of Victoria. Yang Xu believes in a collaborative and integrative way of working with her clients, in hope of offering a safe and warm place to share feelings and explore solutions. Every individual has the possibility to change and grow, and her work is to find their own strengths and resources. She has been working in mental health for 10 years, from community to private practice. Yang Xu is currently working as an EAP counsellor, family therapist, group facilitator and workshop translator in Shanghai, China and BC, Canada. Some other issues she’s exploring are addictions, LGBTQ+, international living, parenting, emerging adulthood and more. Her professional training also includes Satir Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dynamic-Maturational Attachment Approach and Collaborative-Dialogue.