Faculty Member

Graemme Brown

Graemme Brown (Dip.C / SEP) runs a private counseling practice on Gabriola Island. Associated with The Haven since attending his first experiential workshop there in 1985, he is dedicated to compassionate and gentle inquiry. Drawing on his expertise with the family-systems approach of Virginia Satir, Jungian shadow work and the trauma healing of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing system, Graemme’s approach is to assist people to re-connect with their innate resilience and aliveness, fostering healthier relationships within the self, with others and with the planet.

As a member of The Haven’s core faculty, Graemme co-leads Come Alive, Living Alive: Self Awareness, Living Alive: Meaningful Connections, Theory and Practice of Transformations, and Couples Alive programmes, as well as other custom workshops offered in China, across Canada and online.

Events with Graemme Brown

ONSITE: Pathways to Resilience
October 30 - November 3, 2023

Pathways to Resilience “A toolkit for living with greater vitality and connection in challenging times” To borrow a nautical analogy, we must be a ‘seaworthy vessel’ to be able to deal with all that we experience in life, especially if we are to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 era. Resilience is not merely the ability to endure difficulty: Rather, it is the conscious use of our resources as well as the desire to get back up and dust ourselves off after a set-back or a loss. It is nurturing the faith in ourselves to locate and utilize our innate…

ONSITE: Restoring Wholeness
November 5 - 9, 2023

Restoring Wholeness Transforming Traumatic Shame into Vitality, Connection and Purpose A dictionary definition of wholeness reads: “soundness, health, or well-being in body, mind, soul, or spirit.” We would further add: The felt sense of our emotional and psychological sturdiness. Self-worth. Self-acceptance. A connection to others and the world. The ability to know and ‘hold’ our inherent contradictions in the face of both internal and external pressures. Our quality of life is greatly impacted by our sense of wholeness and from Carl Jung’s perspective, all humans have an innate drive towards this state. This workshop is for you if you: struggle…

ONSITE: Couples Alive: Foundation
November 13 - 17, 2023

  “It was a pivotal moment in our relationship – we went to The Haven as the last straw before separation. We are now so much more connected and very, very hopeful about a happier future together. Such an amazing experience.” -J., Couples Alive Couples Alive is our renowned 4-day program for couples. If you’re wanting more out of your primary relationship and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it, Couples Alive is for you! Couples Alive is our core offering for people in a primary relationship. Much of what makes Come Alive (our core program for individuals)…

ONSITE: Theory & Practice of Transformations Part B
April 16 - 29, 2024

Transformations – How the Haven Approach works Learn the theory and practice of the magic that happens in Haven’s core sessions through this hands-on experiential training program.  Transformations blends diving deeper into personal work started in Come Alive and other Living Alive programs, while learning the foundational concepts that go into Haven’s unique approach to personal growth.  It’s a training program that takes you into ancient wisdom while connecting with modern science, learning what it is to be truly human.  It is about expanding your world through challenging your beliefs, going beyond the idea of right and wrong, into a…