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“I tried using the Communication Model with my friend … but she doesn’t know it, so it’s hopeless!” “My partner says ‘Don’t try any of that Haven stuff on me!’ ” “I’m new at using the Communication Model. I never remember everything I’m supposed to do!” This week I have heard all three of these...Read more
Is Shame inherently 'bad'? How do we experience Shame? How might we use Shame to grow and transform as human beings?Read more
What is somatic meditation? What makes it different from a seated meditation in yoga class? What is self-awareness? What is the difference between conceptual and embodied self-awareness? In this article, learn how to cultivate a movement-based meditation practice and about the many benefits it can...Read more
To calibrate is to correlate the readings of an instrument with those of a standard in order to check the instrument's accuracy. We are the instrument, and we are playing our lives. Taking the time to consciously clarify what we value, what gives purpose to our days, to plan and dream, set...Read more
Personal boundaries. Many of us are curious about our own. Some are in professional roles where we support others in discovering their boundaries. In this article, Matthew van der Giessen, RMT and somatic practitioner, connects the idea of boundaries and identity to our anatomy and cellular makeup...Read more
Written by Leslie Sanderson, Registrar at The Haven. I recently went home to Saskatchewan to visit my father. When I arrived, I realized I had forgotten the most important piece of luggage… a suitcase full of Haven granola! My family absolutely loves this granola so, to be honest, I am never sure...Read more
Our annual fundraiser is now LIVE and you're invited to participate. Click HERE to start bidding! This is the 7 th year we’ve hosted an auction and our community has supported Financial Aid at The Haven. They say that the 7 th wave in the ocean is the biggest one -- we’re hoping that proves true...Read more
By Graemme Brown, co-leader of Gestalt: The Art & Practice For many years, I had the good fortune to attend personal development workshops led by The Haven’s co-founders, Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen. While they said many wise things, one always stood out to me: “It’s important to resolve your...Read more
By co-leaders of Dynamic Dialogue: Communicating and Connecting When It Really Matters, Cathy McNally, Jane Kilthei and Jennifer Hilton. Next session Nov 1-4, 2018 at The Haven. **** Every time before we deliver a workshop, the three of us get together to dialogue – a creative exploration that we...Read more
Wayne's Zeitgeist series: Breaking the Cycle , by Sushma Subramanian; poetry by Wendy Westlake; and, The Hard Stuff , music by Justin Timberlake.Read more