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By CrisMarie Campbell. This article first appeared on the thrive! inc. blog on February 18 2016. Flashback to many years ago….An Olympic Gold medalist, working at a top five business-consulting firm, I walked into the conference room wearing my four-inch stiletto heels and a tailored black suit...Read more
By Emily G After twelve years of being in school, I've realized that very few things we are taught are actually relevant in my life. I've spent countless nights studying for a Biology test, memorizing hundreds of key terms, only to forget them all by the following week. And it’s not like I'm very...Read more
This article first appeared on Susan Clarke's blog on February 7 2016. To find out more and subscribe to Susan's blog, visit “I want to find my mojo, my magic power, my inner sense of much-ness, and take it back to Montana!” That’s what I shared as my intention introducing myself...Read more
This article first appeared in the Learning For Life section of the Times Colonist, Feburary 2 2016. Go to to read it online. Living Well Together: Come Alive at The Haven Here at The Haven on Gabriola Island, we get some remarkable feedback from participants in our flagship...Read more
By Cindy O'Dell. Cindy is a registrar at The Haven. Skills 3: Gestalt Plus is coming up soon, Feb 11–14, with Jane Olynyk and Wayne Dodge. The idea came up in a program recently of doing a daily session of gestalt. I decided to take up the challenge and for a year, see its effect...Read more
The February eNews is here! Read about our new web site, Haven Q&A, a new free teleconference, what's coming up and much more. Sign up using the box below to receive the newsletter by email and never miss another one!Read more
By Cathy McNally As I continue learning to live alone, life is good. Just returned from a wonderful family reunion in an area with abundant sun, white sand, and ‘not-too-cold’ water to swim in … a particular pleasure of mine. Picked up my life companion and night-time-cuddler, my 9-year-old Bichon...Read more
Rachel Davey writes: It's here! The 2015 Video Annual Report for The Haven. Thanks to everyone who took part in the video and to all Haven friends out there who were part of our year. Special thanks to Jules Molloy of Close to the Sun productions for putting this all together. I have no idea how we...Read more
By Cathy McNally For some weeks now I have been following a personal commitment to ‘do something new’ each day. It got more personal recently. More about being true to myself. I like what is happening. I tried something very new, taking a risk I have avoided for years. It was delightful – and I was...Read more
By Cathy McNally. Person: “I love you” Ben: “I am happy for you” These were the words of a wise teacher of mine, Ben Wong. I heard them many years ago. I have understood the premise: if you say you love me, it is your loving, you are feeling it, so I am happy for you. It is not until recently that...Read more