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For Solanna Anderson, Transforming Anxiety and Stress (coming up March 28–31) at The Haven made all the difference. Here she explains why. I arrived at Transforming Anxiety and Stress on Gabriola island on sunny spring day in 2015. Outwardly, my life looked great. I had good friends, a beautiful...Read more
Understanding how charge shapes us, and learning to read character structure, especially when supported by the associations of the chakra system, offers a uniquely powerful relational tool. Brad Cassidy's program Psychology of The Chakras (March 7–10) is a great opportunity to develop these...Read more
By Wendy Schulz. Wendy is setting up a group in Victoria to explore possibilities for learning, using and teaching the Haven Communication Model. Read on to find out more, and how to contact her if you want to take part. Since completing my first Come Alive more than eight years ago, I’ve seen the...Read more
By James Emler. James is leading Photography and The Search for Meaning , March 1–3 at The Haven. Photo: James Emler, coat by Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer The scope of photography has widened dramatically. Selfies and cell phones predominate on social media. The ability to share, to make ourselves...Read more
By Katherine Black I came to a realization recently - I believe we are living in a society that craves real connection, but aren’t sure where to find it . We turn to falsehoods as a way to make this happen. My way of finding what I thought was true connection was from a bottle. Alcohol to be more...Read more
“I tried using the Communication Model with my friend … but she doesn’t know it, so it’s hopeless!” “My partner says ‘Don’t try any of that Haven stuff on me!’ ” “I’m new at using the Communication Model. I never remember everything I’m supposed to do!” This week I have heard all three of these...Read more
Is Shame inherently 'bad'? How do we experience Shame? How might we use Shame to grow and transform as human beings?Read more
What is somatic meditation? What makes it different from a seated meditation in yoga class? What is self-awareness? What is the difference between conceptual and embodied self-awareness? In this article, learn how to cultivate a movement-based meditation practice and about the many benefits it can...Read more
To calibrate is to correlate the readings of an instrument with those of a standard in order to check the instrument's accuracy. We are the instrument, and we are playing our lives. Taking the time to consciously clarify what we value, what gives purpose to our days, to plan and dream, set...Read more
Personal boundaries. Many of us are curious about our own. Some are in professional roles where we support others in discovering their boundaries. In this article, Matthew van der Giessen, RMT and somatic practitioner, connects the idea of boundaries and identity to our anatomy and cellular makeup...Read more