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By Cathy McNally For some weeks now I have been following a personal commitment to ‘do something new’ each day. It got more personal recently. More about being true to myself. I like what is happening. I tried something very new, taking a risk I have avoided for years. It was delightful – and I was...Read more
By Cathy McNally. Person: “I love you” Ben: “I am happy for you” These were the words of a wise teacher of mine, Ben Wong. I heard them many years ago. I have understood the premise: if you say you love me, it is your loving, you are feeling it, so I am happy for you. It is not until recently that...Read more
Ellery Littleton’s poems about the “Haven Experience” By Ian Curtin The 126 poems in Ellery Littleton’s new book are, he says, “truly Haven haiku in that they were all in some way inspired by The Haven and the experiences it offers.” And as I read through them the first time, I am surprised and...Read more
Chesterman Beach – photo by Ellery Littleton By Ellery Littleton. Ellery is leading The Spirit Journal and The Spirit Journal Intensive in 2016 . This year, I heard Christmas rattling and clanging just over the horizon in mid-November. And as usual, I had mixed reactions to the premature onset of...Read more
Skills 3: Gestalt Plus February 11-14 with Wayne Dodge and Jane Olynyk The term Gestalt refers to three different things: a practice or exercise sometimes referred to as ‘two chair work’; a school of psychotherapy; and the concept of the ‘wholeness’ of a picture or situation. This program examines...Read more
By Rachel Davey The Haven’s Facilities Masterplan was launched at the end of 2014. It represents the best collective wisdom and vision for the institution and will serve as a road map for site development, infrastructure, landscape, building renovation and new construction. In 2015 we completed the...Read more
By Ceilidh Kirk The next time you come to The Haven, you may notice some changes to our menus. Our goal is to offer lighter, healthier and more nutrient dense options. The primary objective of food services at The Haven is to support you, our program and conference participants, and leader teams...Read more
By Rachel Davey I am delighted to launch the 2016-2020 Haven Strategic Plan. From 2016 through 2020, we will build upon the strong foundation we have established by The Haven’s previous Strategic Plan, to enable even more positive change in the world through our transformative education programs in...Read more
By Rachel Davey Please join me in celebrating with Justin Kautz, who has been named as The Haven/Gabriola Arts Council (GAC) Artist in Residence for 2016. The Haven and GAC began a partnership to offer an Artist in Residence program in 2012 and Justin is our fifth resident artist and first musician...Read more
November and December are the busiest fundraising months for Haven Foundation when generous donors like you give to support Financial Aid, the capital campaign for the Facilities Masterplan, Youth Leadership or to our General Fund. We appreciate all your many donations, and want to make it as easy...Read more