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By David Hatfield Hello Haven community! I'm just returned from a 3 month contract in China. It was super hot, humid and the air quality is truly challenging to me. I found myself not wanting to sing much there, due to these factors. The people were beautiful and gentle, so the human experience was...Read more
By Rachel Davey. Photo of Justin Kautz, the 2016 Artist in Residence. The Haven, in collaboration with the Gabriola Arts Council , began an Artist in Residence program at The Haven in 2012, offered to emerging artists aged 30 and under in the year of application. The 2017 Artist in Residence...Read more
By Ellery Littleton. Another summer has slipped away, and as always for me, there is more than a hint of nostalgia and regret that comes with the end of the season. This year, those feelings came to the surface most poignantly during my visit in late August to the little rural cemetery in the...Read more
Jennifer Hilton writes about a recent Come Alive at BridgePoint Centre for Eating Disorders in Milden, Saskatchewan and reflects on her ongoing process of personal alchemy.Read more
We were delighted to hear this week that Maria Gomori , faculty member and tireless friend of The Haven, has been honoured by The University of Winnipeg as a "living legend and pioneer in the field of family therapy." Maria is a faculty member in the university's Masters of Marriage and Family...Read more
By Toby Macklin Several people have told me recently how helpful David Bowie was at certain times in their lives, so I was interested to read in The Guardian recently about Oliver James' new book Upping Your Ziggy: How David Bowie Faced His Childhood Demons and How You Can Face Yours. ( Photograph...Read more
Writing last week about The Vocation Myth and Impostor Syndrome , I was reminded of the four Identity Statuses outlined by James Marcia , a Canadian developmental psychologist who taught at Simon Fraser University. Susan Clarke, Cathy McNally and I have recently referred to Marcia’s ideas in the 25...Read more
By Carole Ames For virtually every contract, workshop or consultancy I provide, the feedback includes a recognition of my unique “value added” – my laughter, my sense of humour, my warmth. This means that in corporate settings, on the counselling “couch”, or in a personal growth circle, humour is...Read more
By Toby Macklin. One day when I was about eleven years old I was sent home with a school report suggesting that I was “too eclectic for my own good.” We had to look the word up. Eclectic : selecting or borrowing; choosing the best out of everything; broad, the opposite of exclusive. Reading that...Read more
By Rachel Davey In May, Morag Ruckman and I had the great good fortune to attend the International Holistic Centers Gathering at Le Monastere des Augustines in Quebec City. We had an amazing time! The ethos of the Gathering is that centres can come together, learn and share, and we will all be...Read more