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By Mitch Miyagawa. Mitch will lead Living NVC: 7-Day Immersion Retreat April 22 - 29. This week-long program is designed to support the ongoing development and integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) consciousness, whether participants are relatively new to NVC or experienced practitioners. *...Read more
Registration for the Haven Leadership Summit is now open. Join us online or onsite to dream big, co-create and learn. By participating in the Summit you will be shaping leadership at The Haven in the future. ‪ #‎havenleadership‬Read more
By Justin Kautz What a week! In the last seven days I have been met with a veritable flood of beautiful, welcoming people! From the Haven front desk, to the Kids In The Spotlight Program [can't recommend it enough for children and youth!] to the Village Food Market, to the Vegeteers, to the...Read more
This article was originally published April 10 2013. The Spirit Journal Intensive runs from April 7-11 2016. By Ellery Littleton The two following pieces were written by participants in a recent Spirit Journal writing program, in response to an exercise entitled “My Gift To You.” They are...Read more
By Rachel Davey This week an exciting project is underway in the Haven grounds. We were very fortunate at the end of 2015 to receive a generous donation from Scott Poole and Laurie Kelley which will enable us to replace some of the trees that were taken down in creating the new parking lot. The...Read more
By Susan Clarke. First published March 6 2016 on Just wrapped up our in-person day with the ESG (Education Steering Group) at The Haven. Was a very productive day as usual. As is often the case, we spent a good portion of our time looking at programs and educational direction...Read more
By Justin Kautz My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. The months since November of last year when The Haven announced I will be welcomed me as Artist in Residence this spring have flown by in a flurry of Toy Guns Dance Theatre activity. Time went by so fast, I'm already on the road! On my way out to...Read more
By CrisMarie Campbell. This article first appeared on the thrive! inc. blog on February 18 2016. Flashback to many years ago….An Olympic Gold medalist, working at a top five business-consulting firm, I walked into the conference room wearing my four-inch stiletto heels and a tailored black suit...Read more
By Emily G After twelve years of being in school, I've realized that very few things we are taught are actually relevant in my life. I've spent countless nights studying for a Biology test, memorizing hundreds of key terms, only to forget them all by the following week. And it’s not like I'm very...Read more
This article first appeared on Susan Clarke's blog on February 7 2016. To find out more and subscribe to Susan's blog, visit “I want to find my mojo, my magic power, my inner sense of much-ness, and take it back to Montana!” That’s what I shared as my intention introducing myself...Read more