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As my tenure as The Haven’s Executive Director comes to a close, I want to acknowledge and appreciate the two Boards that I have served, as well as the staff and faculty who are so dedicated to the goals and aims of this wonderful place. When I began my contract as ED in 2007, the Board had asked...Read more
Our friends Dodo Lee and Cora Tao have been working with earthquake victims in the Duchainyian area of China, helping people deal with emotional trauma. Dodo and Cora worked with teachers from schools affected by the earthquake. These photographs are from the closing ceremony of one of their...Read more
I recently came across this passage from Carl Rogers' On Becoming a Person . Rogers is considered one of the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology, whose 'person-centered' work has been highly influential in psychotherapy, counselling, and education. - Toby (ed.) " I find I am more...Read more
Eric and Leon Bibb performed at The Haven last week, to a packed Wong and McKeen Phoenix Auditorium. A moving, joyful evening. Thanks to the Gabriola Sounder for the photo.Read more
By Ellery Littleton “Poetry doesn’t matter to most people,” writes Jay Parini, poet, novelist and professor of English at Middlebury College, Vermont. “Most people don’t write it, don’t read it, and don’t have any idea why anybody would spend valuable time doing such a thing.” There are people who...Read more
Updated December, 2018. Jane Geesman and Sarah Lucht created Act Natural at The Haven in 2001. This is their story... Jane Geesman writes: Some years ago, I had a lively conversation over dinner with Ben and Jock about the impact Haven seminars were having on my work in theatre. Their concepts of...Read more
Thanks to Peter Joyes for this lovely drawing of the lodge.Read more
Susan Clarke and Carole Ames are leading the next Living Alive Phase I, July 7 – August 1 When I came to The Haven I was facing a health crisis and Come Alive woke me up and turned my world around. I loved the aliveness I got in touch with; however, I really had no idea how to sustain what I had...Read more
I was a successful 34-year-old single professional on disability leave for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I participated in Phase I in 1992. I knew I was at a potential crossroads emotionally, physically, spiritually and professionally. However, I had no idea how to go about making changes, what...Read more
This article is taken from the Ideas in Action booklet, which also contains summaries of the Communication Model, the Selves Model and the Resonance Model, plus a piece about breathing. Power and strength are important themes in Living Alive Phase I. The concepts of power and strength run through...Read more