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Father Jack Sproule died peacefully in his sleep at the Dwelling Place, in Nanaimo, BC on February 18th 2016 after some years of declining health. On this page can be found Jock McKeen's eulogy, a link to the funeral program and a reflection written by Father Jack. REMEMBERING FATHER JACK Jock...Read more
By Cathy McNally About three weeks ago I slid slowly into resistance. I think I was attempting to delude myself with entertaining stories about what was going on; some magnificently ‘noble’ justification—but I saw myself. Yuk. Then another pattern started to move into gear: self hate. Blaming and...Read more
By Justin Kautz Wow! Gabriolans know how to send someone off with love. By design, the last week on the island for me was filled by the Isle of the Arts Festival - a bustling hub of idea, lifestyle and art cross-pollination. Further, the hosting of Mary and Gary Holdgrafer has no bounds! Their...Read more
Haven Foundation Board are delighted to announce two new Directors, Jan Pullinger and Gary Holdgrafer. Gary and Jan are both residents of Gabriola and have significant involvement with programs and training at The Haven. Each draws on rich and varied personal and professional life experiences, and...Read more
Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart is a new core program at The Haven led by Elfi Dillon Shaw. Here are some testimonials from participants at the end of the most recent program. Taking Sexual Intelligence gave me the opportunity to practice embodying a healthier and fuller way of being a...Read more
Here I am, thinking back on three wonderful weeks of work, time and connections and living out the last week of this beautiful excursion. What can I type when words will fall so far short of experience? How can I capture the gold of the sky, the smell of the sea, the beauty of an island of artists...Read more
“April is the cruelest month.” So wrote T.S. Eliot almost 100 years ago. In a way, he was right. April can be a very cruel experience to people who imagined that the arrival of spring would wash away all their woes – the ones they carried through the winter like a pack of stones. But for most...Read more
By Justin Kautz Week two has come and gone with more beautiful weather, plenty of performance opportunities and Alpacas. And the odd missed turn leading to extra scenic drives. Highlights of the week include being featured on the Gabriola Island News with Andy Rollerson, playing for the Come Alive...Read more
By Mitch Miyagawa. Mitch will lead Living NVC: 7-Day Immersion Retreat April 22 - 29. This week-long program is designed to support the ongoing development and integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) consciousness, whether participants are relatively new to NVC or experienced practitioners. *...Read more
Registration for the Haven Leadership Summit is now open. Join us online or onsite to dream big, co-create and learn. By participating in the Summit you will be shaping leadership at The Haven in the future. ‪ #‎havenleadership‬Read more