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Ken Ouendag invites you to slow down, tune in, and enter liminal space and time.Read more
Sarah Lucht invites you to be seen and heard – and have fun while you're at it – in Act Natural this July and August.Read more
Susan Clarke recounts how learning to surface conflict was key to her recovery from cancer and a traumatic past.Read more
By David Hatfield. David is leading A Process Oriented Approach To Conflict , June 27–30, 2019 . Like many Canadians (and I do mean many!), I grew up in a family system that was largely conflict avoidant. As the fourth of five children I recall watching my older siblings and parents move away from...Read more
With Kids In The Spotlight (or KITS) just over a month away, Denise Goldbeck describes the intricate and organic process of the Youth Leadership Program. Take a look backstage into the work and training behind the magic of KITS!Read more
Bettina Rothe is leading Body, Breath and Beat at The Haven, August 15–18. Here she offers a one-minute meditation and the opportunity to increase your awareness, aliveness, and presence. Where is your attention? In a typical day most of your attention might be going towards your work, your social...Read more
Ken Ouendag invites you to explore new ways of connecting with nature and open the door to the healing properties of forests and other natural environmentsRead more
Wayne Dodge reviews You Are The Placebo by Joe Dispenza, with both appreciation and caution.Read more
Carole Ames describes how Living Alive Phase I helped her when she was on medical leave 26 years ago – a program which she now leads.Read more
Living Alive Phase I is a fabulous opportunity to explore and commit to who you are and how you want to live. This article by Toby Macklin looks at the program through the lens of James Marcia's model of identity statuses.Read more