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Leah Hokanson reflects on the healing power of the voice.Read more
Self-created sound is a portal to presence, and a powerful vibrational medium that can heal and transform, writes Leah Hokanson.Read more
Peter Joyes is back and we have our 2019 Word of The Year card in English and Chinese!Read more
Wayne Dodge muses on love, fear, and faith, with wisdom from Stephen Tobolowsky, Bloom County, and Sapphire.Read more
Their personal journeys through divorce into new beginnings inspired Jennifer Roger and Blair Stanley to create the programs they are leading at The Haven in April.Read more
Meet Neil Shibata, the 2019 Mackenzie Dickson Annika Raithby Youth Leadership Scholarship Recipient!Read more
Wen-Shwu Lee writes that vulnerability, courage and connection are real alternatives to addiction.Read more
Writing, says G.V. Loewen, is arguably the greatest gift bequeathed to us by our own history. His program, Writing and Thinking for The Human Spirit , is at The Haven May 17–19.Read more
Jennifer Hilton tells the story of a childhood boating accident, the anxiety it led to in later life, and how she has learned to transform it in her life today.Read more
Cathy McNally writes on the fifth anniversary of Ernie McNally's death. Ernie was a much loved man who led many programs at The Haven. As well as people, Ernie loved cars, as the photo shows!Read more