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In the last few years we have featured one of the Haven Models in each of our annual program catalogues. The 2010 catalogue is now available and this year it's the turn of the Resonance Model. If you're on our mailing list, you will receive a copy of the catalogue soon; if not, please get in touch...Read more
by Ellery Littleton After writing many haiku in recent years, I decided to have a go at crafting a little book of erotic romantic love haiku. I had been attracted to the idea for a long time, and the short form of the haiku suited me perfectly (three or four lines; 10 to 17 syllables, subtle and...Read more
By Gwen Ewan and Cathy Wilder Gwen and Cathy are members of Haven core faculty and recently volunteered at Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala, Uganda The jail break happened before our eyes as we entered the compound. They came streaming out of the unlocked side door of the main building, Stuart at the...Read more
By Wayne Dodge and Gwen Ewan. Gwen and Wayne's program Self-Compassion: Making Friends with Yourself runs in November. The model of Self Compassion that we teach at The Haven specifically describes the steps towards encouraging and nourishing a process that supports self acceptance and compassion...Read more
By Marlyn Farrell Creativity isn’t just for artists. We express ourselves in the way we move through the world, create meals, play with children, or express our ideas at work. We also express our creativity through the arts. In my workshops at The Haven, I use the arts (music, painting, etc.) to...Read more
By Elfi Dillon-Shaw Touch lives in the skin, which truly is the outside surface of the brain, through which we gather information and interpret it. Caring touch relaxes, unkind touch leads to unhappiness. The absence of touch, “skin hunger”, is a feeling of being alone in the world. This isolation...Read more
Jack Choules is a member of The Haven staff, working in the maintenance department. Here he writes about his experience of Joanna Macy's recent workshop at The Haven. Lecture (Friday October 9th 2009) She's smaller than I expected ­ maybe five feet tall and small-boned and yet her enormous spirit...Read more
By Ernie and Cathy McNally. Ernie and Cathy are leading Living Alive Phase I October 2-27. Do you have 15 minutes to invest in your relationship? Over time we can find ourselves busy, slowly drifting apart, wishing it were different, and believing “We just don’t have the time”. When we do have the...Read more
Recently I had the privilege of working with a group of women in the Primal Nudgings program. Some of them agreed to have their poems published in the Shen. These poems were written in a period of about 15 minutes, following an exercise with their masks. As you can see from the words, although the...Read more
Following up on the Carl Rogers passage below (Acceptance and Change), here is The Haven's Selves Model, which develops some of the ideas Rogers discusses. BAAAAA is an acronym for a process of self-compassion described in the model. All The Haven models can be downloaded in our Ideas in Action...Read more