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Written by Alyssa Wright on her blog, after returning from Victor Wooten's 2011 workshop at The Haven. UPDATE: Victor Wooten is returning to The Haven, March 19-21 2013. Hello all – Yes, it's been a long time since I've written - life has been rather full this past year, of course, but I wonder if...Read more
This article was posted in 2011. Victor Wooten is returning to The Haven on Gabriola Island, March 19-21 2013. Regarded by many as the finest bass player in the world, Victor Wooten is also an innovative and inspiring teacher and the author of The Music Lesson: A Search for Spiritual Growth through...Read more
作者: 马丽波 马丽波是接受海文学院奖学金赞助的第一位中国大陆华人, 丽波在2010年远赴加拿大海文学院, 参加了海文的阶段一”活出自己”课程. 在而立之年写下这段海文之旅的感受,对我有着一份特殊的意义。海文Phase I是我参加过最棒的课程,其实它对我来说更是一个冒险、精彩和滋养的心灵之旅。人说三十而立,何为立?海文帮助我矗立起了一座心灵的房子,让我能够更加积极自在地去面对生活、去拥抱丰盈的生命,去追求属于自己的人生价值。 二十二天的课程丰富而详实,只要保持一颗觉察的心,哪怕是从一件很小的事情上都会有收获。虽然现在已经回国两个多月了,但是学到的东西并没有淡忘,而是会提醒我保持一颗觉察的心...Read more
By Libo Ma Libo Ma is the first person from China to receive a bursary to attend a program at The Haven – Living Alive Phase I in 2010. It’s very lucky for me to have this wonderful trip in 2010 and I told my friends that institute should be called “Heaven” actually. I am sure this spiritual...Read more
Congratulations to the latest class of graduates of The Haven International Diploma in Leadership and Counselling, pictured here at their graduation ceremony earlier this month. This year The Haven delivered 4 Come Alives, 4 Mini-Phases and 3 Electives, with an average of 35 students in each. In...Read more
A poem by Wendy Schulz, October 2010 What is that veil, that shroud, that film that lies on top, just above the air I need to breathe? A haze of self doubt, fear, messages from days gone by, no longer relevant but added to the mix no less. If I name it and gaze at it straight on, will it lift...Read more
By Ellery Littleton Ellery leads a number of programs at The Haven, including Writing up a Storm: Haiku in March 2011. Poetry is my favourite form of writing. It took me a long time to figure this out. About 50 years, in fact. Although I wasn’t thinking about poetry as a kid, I was writing it...Read more
Vancouver lawyer, David Boulding recently spoke to Stark Raven Media Collective about Fetal Alcohol and its relationship to the criminal justice system. Prison, he says, is the last place people with FASD should be to find the support and interventions they need. David was recently awarded his...Read more
By David Boulding, who received The Haven's Diploma in Counselling on August 28. Interning for me took longer than law school, was more expensive, and most assuredly was more useful than law school. The practical aspects of interning have improved my lawyering. The communication model, and not...Read more
By Gwen Ewan, The Haven's Director of Education On Aug 28th we had a grand occasion to honour Ben Wong and Maria Gomori, and took the opportunity to also honour five people who were graduating from the Haven Institute internship program with Diplomas in Counselling. After the event I was asked for...Read more