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By Susan Clarke Susan leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I and Couples Alive at The Haven. You can read more by her at her really excellent blog: What does it mean to be enlightened or awakened? I am asking myself this question because soon a yogi master, Shri Mahayogi, will...Read more
By Rachel Davey and Toby Macklin We are delighted that Bud and Michele Baldwin have honoured The Haven by becoming members of its Emeritus Faculty. Until now, the only other people holding this position are Ben Wong and Jock McKeen, The Haven's founders. Later this month, Maria Gomori will also...Read more
By Gary Holdgrafer. Along with Mary Holdgrafer and Wendy Huntington, Gary leads Creative Aging: Embracing the Second Half of Life . Recently I was sitting in the customer lounge at the auto shop waiting for my car to be serviced. Among the free coffee, old magazines and sections of the newspaper...Read more
We are sorry to hear that Trish Grainge , who touched the lives of many at The Haven, through her program The Journey to the Well, at Reflections, and in countless other ways, passed away on May 16. Here, Susan Clarke remembers her. ................ I remember meeting Trish Grainge for the first...Read more
Lyle Povah discusses the power of drumming, including his research on its benefits for people with eating disorders. Lyle leads Drum Talk at The Haven July 8–11. "The Creator loved the drum so much, S/He gave each of us a heart beat" - Navaho saying I am the leader of 'Drum Talk - African Drumming...Read more
By Maggie Lei. Maggie Lei was a participant in The Haven's very first full 25-day Phase program in Chinese. The original Chinese version of this article is in the post below. "I come alive when I’m aware life is connected at its very spiritual source." – Larry Gold Everyone wants to have a forest...Read more
我的生命复苏了,当我察觉到 ,生命在人类灵性的连接处是自有其源头的。 ——拉里戈尔德(Larry Gold) 每个人都期待拥有一片绿光森林,一个可以自由呼吸的地方。对于我来说,加拿大海文学院就是那样一个地方。 海文学院创立于1985年,是一个全球领先的个人成长和专业技能培训中心。创始人为黄焕祥先生和麦基卓先生。海文的愿景是:每个人都为自己和自己周围的环境负责,在这里每个人的生命将充满尊严、尊重、好奇心和慈悲心。这也是此次海文学习之旅,我对海文的一个很深的体会。 最初与海文结缘是在2008年,我报名参加了海文在国内开设的三年的导师班。通过已经两年的学习,海文给了我很多启迪,...Read more
By Susan Clarke Susan leads Come Alive with Carole Ames and Couples Alive I with her partner CrisMarie Campbell. The Haven Communication Model is a central component of both programs. A few years back, I was down in the San Francisco area taking a program called Transformational Lessons. I was...Read more
Haven faculty member David Hatfield recently featured on CBC Radio's The Current, in a discussion of the high-risk behaviours of 15-25 year old men. David is an independent facilitator, experiential educator, trainer, and consultant. His professional interests revolve around issues of social...Read more
Jock McKeen and Bennet Wong In a recent issue of The New Yorker , Evan Osnos reports about the growing interest in psychoanalysis in China (Osnos, E. “Meet Dr. Freud: Does psychoanalysis have a future in an authoritarian state?” The New Yorker , January 10, 2011, pp. 54-63). Osnos notes that China...Read more