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By Cathy McNally Personal Alchemy: The Art of Satir Family Reconstruction by Maria Gomori with Eleanor Adaskin is available from The Haven store. Over the 20 years I have known Maria Gomori, she has often reflected on how challenging it would be to write a book that does justice to the magical...Read more
By Gwen Ewan. This is the first in an occasional series about members of The Haven faculty. Denise is leading five sessions of Kids in the Spotlight back to back in July. Denise Goldbeck leads Kids in the Spotlight - an immensely popular program for children, now in its 23rd year. She graduated...Read more
News from Don Mattson, The Haven's gardener Spring finally arrived and has been fast and furious. The white Wisteria at the Lodge entrance has just finished its bloom and was very beautiful; the Wisteria loves a hard pruning in the fall. For those who were here for Phase I in May, the Robins we...Read more
How understanding discoveries in neurology can help treat and prevent chronic pain right now. by Paul Ingraham. One of the principle qualities of pain is that it demands an explanation. Plainwater , by Anne Carson Pain is not just a message from injured tissues, but a complex experience that is...Read more
By C. Jane Waters Throughout this past winter, as stress deepened itself into my body, I prayed and felt His presence. I have physical difficulties, and I knew I had forsaken many things, including taking care of myself, for fear I would fail. In February, I made a decision 'for me', and with...Read more
By Louise Amuir I just spent 25 days in New Horizons Phase III. Honestly, I could spend another 25 days (or even another 50) in New Horizons. It was a lot of fun gathering every day with others in the spirit of inquiry. We went on a whirlwind tour of Freud, Adler, Reich, Lowen, Klein, Perls, and...Read more
By Penny Wassman. Penny is leading Nonviolent Communication: A Process of Life at The Haven April 23–30 In the Fall of 1998, I was immersed in spiritual study, clear that I wanted to involve myself in work that would enable me to more actively and tangibly contribute to life and really unclear as...Read more
By Paul Walton This article first appeared in the Nanaimo Daily News, March 09, 2010 After doing a course at The Haven on Gabriola Island last month, executive director Rachel Davey asked if I could bring some attention to the difference between The Haven and Haven House. I can and will. And more...Read more
By Cindy O'Dell Ever since the Victor Wooten Workshop last week at the Haven, a one-line song has been playing in my head, “Is that pepper or mouse poo on my eggs?” By most standards my musical effort inspired by the two-day session on creativity and music, would hardly measure up, especially when...Read more
By Ellery Littleton This article presents a summary of some of the basic ideas of Ira Progoff’s “Intensive Journal Process,” and includes a very brief outline of one of his extensive journal-writing exercise cycles: 12 Entries. Ellery writes: “The first Intensive Journaling workshop I attended in...Read more