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By David Boulding, who received The Haven's Diploma in Counselling on August 28. Interning for me took longer than law school, was more expensive, and most assuredly was more useful than law school. The practical aspects of interning have improved my lawyering. The communication model, and not...Read more
By Gwen Ewan, The Haven's Director of Education On Aug 28th we had a grand occasion to honour Ben Wong and Maria Gomori, and took the opportunity to also honour five people who were graduating from the Haven Institute internship program with Diplomas in Counselling. After the event I was asked for...Read more
By Susan Clarke. If you enjoy Susan's articles on Shen, visit her blog, I am on my way to Oakland for our annual two days with my Table Group colleagues. I enjoy these days; however, this time I am coming off an intense weekend of celebrating the birthdays of two of my mentors...Read more
On 29th August, a large number of people gathered at The Haven to say farewell to Dianne Anderson. Many memories and stories were shared of Dianne, who played a very important role in making The Haven the unique place it is. We are publishing here a poem for Dianne by Dale Partridge, followed by a...Read more
Tina Boehm describes her experience at the Anger, Boundaries and Safety program. This program is offered several times every year. Check the program schedule for the next opportunity. I have been struggling to come up with a few lines which capture the essence of the recent Anger, Boundaries and...Read more
Susan Clarke first published this tribute to Dianne Anderson on her own blog. Dianne passed away on August 9 and will be hugely missed by many people. Today my good friend Dianne passed away. I got a call about her death just after finishing a yoga class. I cried, laughed, cried and laughed. I...Read more
By Edward M. Marshall, Ph.D. This article was first published in Shen in 2005. Maria Gomori is teaching Journey to Self and Family Reconstruction at The Haven this summer and celebrating her 90th birthday with us on August 28. I had never met her before. In fact, until last week, I did not even...Read more
Greetings from The Haven garden. Well it's mid July, the wisteria blooms are long gone. The lawns are drying up and turning a lovely tan colour. We don't water lawns at The Haven so they go dormant now and will be lovely and green again when the Fall rains come. Letting the lawns go for the summer...Read more
By Cathy McNally Personal Alchemy: The Art of Satir Family Reconstruction by Maria Gomori with Eleanor Adaskin is available from The Haven store. Over the 20 years I have known Maria Gomori, she has often reflected on how challenging it would be to write a book that does justice to the magical...Read more
By Gwen Ewan. This is the first in an occasional series about members of The Haven faculty. Denise is leading five sessions of Kids in the Spotlight back to back in July. Denise Goldbeck leads Kids in the Spotlight - an immensely popular program for children, now in its 23rd year. She graduated...Read more