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By Margo McLoughlin Margo is leading Storytelling for Reinventing the World at The Haven, November 4–6. A version of this article appeared in "Giving and Receiving," the Summer 2011 issue of Parabola Magazine. A story is like water that you heat for your bath. It takes messages between the fire and...Read more
By CrisMarie Campbell My life is very full right now. In July, I completed the second of two sixth month training programs with Martha Beck to become a Certified Martha Beck Master Coach. Then Susan Clarke and I lead our first Couples Alive I program @ the Haven Institute, which went fabulously, if...Read more
Eric Bibb has recorded a new CD, whose release in September will coincide with his workshop at The Haven, Spirit in the Song – and the CD is called The Haven . You can hear excerpts from three tracks from the album here (Wayfaring Stranger, Victory Voices, and Dream Baker). Here's some of what Eric...Read more
By Maria Gomori and first published in Shen in 2008. Maria is the world's foremost practitioner of Satir family processes. Maria celebrated her 91st birthday this year and is leading The Journey to Self and Family Reconstruction in August. On August 16 2011 she will become a member of The Haven's...Read more
By Susan Clarke Susan leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I and Couples Alive at The Haven. You can read more by her at her really excellent blog: What does it mean to be enlightened or awakened? I am asking myself this question because soon a yogi master, Shri Mahayogi, will...Read more
By Rachel Davey and Toby Macklin We are delighted that Bud and Michele Baldwin have honoured The Haven by becoming members of its Emeritus Faculty. Until now, the only other people holding this position are Ben Wong and Jock McKeen, The Haven's founders. Later this month, Maria Gomori will also...Read more
By Gary Holdgrafer. Along with Mary Holdgrafer and Wendy Huntington, Gary leads Creative Aging: Embracing the Second Half of Life . Recently I was sitting in the customer lounge at the auto shop waiting for my car to be serviced. Among the free coffee, old magazines and sections of the newspaper...Read more
We are sorry to hear that Trish Grainge , who touched the lives of many at The Haven, through her program The Journey to the Well, at Reflections, and in countless other ways, passed away on May 16. Here, Susan Clarke remembers her. ................ I remember meeting Trish Grainge for the first...Read more
Lyle Povah discusses the power of drumming, including his research on its benefits for people with eating disorders. Lyle leads Drum Talk at The Haven July 8–11. "The Creator loved the drum so much, S/He gave each of us a heart beat" - Navaho saying I am the leader of 'Drum Talk - African Drumming...Read more
By Maggie Lei. Maggie Lei was a participant in The Haven's very first full 25-day Phase program in Chinese. The original Chinese version of this article is in the post below. "I come alive when I’m aware life is connected at its very spiritual source." – Larry Gold Everyone wants to have a forest...Read more