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By Mary Helen Littleton . Mary Helen and Ellery Littleton present The Survival Kit at The Haven July 6-8 2012. Your life is too busy. Way too busy. You worry that you are not taking enough care of your emotional and physical health. You know what you need to do to feel better, however. The problem...Read more
Tina Boehm writes about Storytelling led by Margo McLoughlin for the first time this March. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Storytelling for Reinventing the World this past weekend, and was soon whisked away on a carpet of music, stories and poetry guided by Margo and woven...Read more
By B. Jackson. My introduction to the Haven was as a chaperone for three teens the summer of 2001. I naively thought that while they attended Teens Alive I and II, I could sit by the pool and read; that I might enjoy a little get-away ... a nice pipe dream while it lasted! I had gone through a...Read more
This article appeared in the Learning for Life section of the Victoria Times Colonist, Feb 28. Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck. Your life is in a rut, there's only one way ahead, your only choice to carry on down the same path. Contrast this to the sense of freedom you may have...Read more
By Ernie McNally Ernie is asking people to donate to The Haven's Financial Aid Program to celebrate his 60th birthday! This June marks my 60th birthday. I am normally not one for ‘landmark’ dates, and for whatever reason this is different. I have become increasingly aware over the past few years of...Read more
By Ellery Littleton “Talking to paper is talking to the divine. It is talking to a listener that will understand even the most difficult things. Paper is infinitely patient.” Burghild Nina Holzer – author of Between Heaven & Earth – a personal journey of writing and the creative process. Of...Read more
By Don Hutton February 14, 2012 … It's been exactly one year today since my partner and I started the new Couples Alive series of workshops at The Haven. We have been married almost nine years of a 12-year relationship and I have known both the excitement and closeness of sharing our lives together...Read more
Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. Jim leads the Live, Virtual, Facilitator-Led Workshop - For Men Over 55. I first met Ben & Jock at Cold Mountain, Cortes Island in 1973 during a Come Alive Workshop. I was terrified for the first three days, trying to hide in amongst the group -- didn’t work! After...Read more
By Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer It is always satisfying when a good idea becomes a plan and the plan becomes a reality. When I suggested to Rachel that The Haven would be an excellent site for an artist's residency I was pleased by her enthusiastic response and delighted to help formulate the plan for...Read more
By Toby Macklin Transforming Anxiety and Stress is scheduled in 2015 for May 28–31 and October 1–4. One of the first things I remember about coming to The Haven was grappling with the idea that (to put it loosely) anxiety is a good thing. This was problematic for me, as I didn’t like feeling...Read more