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Interview by Louise Amuir, Fundraising & Financial Aid Manager at The Haven The Haven community is comprised of wonderful people, many of whom give of themselves in multiple ways. We have monthly donors, capital project funders, people who include us in their estate planning, participants who...Read more
Come Alive leader Toby Macklin describes three kinds of separation or "estrangement" that frequently bring people to Haven programs.Read more
With topics ranging from consciousness to forgiveness to so-called imaginary illnesses, we think you'll find inspiration for your next read within...Read more
"It takes a village to raise children and more importantly to raise kind, mindful, inclusive and resilient adults for the world's future. I’ve had a belief for a long time that I was unworthy and thought that asking for help was admitting that I was unable to manage and that I had somehow failed as...Read more
Wayne Dodge recommends David Whyte's writing on vulnerability. Whyte challenges us to "cultivate a robust vulnerability ... to stop trying to follow a road where I won’t have my heart broken."Read more
Kristina Campbell celebrates National Entrepreneurs Day, and invites you to bring your dreams to fruition.Read more
Written by Elfi Shaw, facilitator of Women & Sexuality: Stirring the Cauldron , Sexual Intelligence , and Eros & Intimacy: Sex & Spirit for Couples at The Haven. We are born as a result of the sexual union of two people. Sex is a simple gift of life, natural and awesome. Sexual energy...Read more
By Scott Acomba, a Haven Intern and Assistant in Transforming Anxiety and Stress , coming up November 28th - December 1st, 2019. I remember walking in to a 7-11 convenience store one night, back in my early twenties, after a night-out on the town with friends. There was nothing special about the...Read more
Ayurveda has been widely practiced for over 5,000 years, so surely there's some wisdom in the tradition that can benefit us today. In this article, Josée Velsen , leader of our upcoming Ayurvedic Lifestyle Retreat draws on over 20 years of experience practicing Ayurveda to share a bit about how...Read more
Susan Clarke reflects on being a "congruent expert," as the second book she has written with CrisMarie Campbell – The Beauty of Conflict for Couples – rolls off the press.Read more