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Wayne Dodge reviews Steven Pinker's book Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.Read more
Penny Robertshaw reflects on the rich use of metaphor in working with participants in China.Read more
Ellery Littleton offers some of his summer poems. Ellery will be returning to The Haven with his program The Spirit Journal in the Spring of 2020.Read more
"To not have conversations because they make you uncomfortable is the definition of privilege," says Brené Brown. Cathy McNally writes that challenging conversations are at the heart of Dynamic Dialogue , coming up this August 8–11.Read more
Maria Gomori celebrated her 99th birthday this year and will be teaching Journey to Self and Family Reconstruction at The Haven in August. In this article, first published in Shen in 2005, Edward M. Marshall, Ph.D. recalls her message that deep down inside each one of us there is a person of...Read more
Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell introduce their new podcast, The Beauty of Conflict.Read more
Louise Amuir suggests some practical ways you can repair your communication with yourself.Read more
Kristina Campbell tells a story of her "improbable inspirator" and invites you to discover your intuitive wisdom, your inner Goddess.Read more
Ken Ouendag invites you to slow down, tune in, and enter liminal space and time.Read more
Sarah Lucht invites you to be seen and heard – and have fun while you're at it – in Act Natural this July and August.Read more