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Where has the time gone?? It has been almost a year since I joined the team at The Haven. I’d like to share some of my thoughts and reflections. First I would like to appreciate everyone I’ve met. Thank you all for your kind and generous support. In my short time here I have come to appreciate the...Read more
By Carole Ames. Carole is leading The Quantum Laugh May 25–28. Register now! I was with Susan Clarke in the ferry line up yesterday, leaving Gabriola after a fantastic 25-day Phase I program with 20+ participants. After all that time spent in intimate sharing, clearing and exploring with the...Read more
A legacy of the 2018 Artist in Residence program at The Haven was created through the Earth Mandala Project led by artist Ayala Reznik.Read more
Bettina Rothe is leading Body, Breath and Beat: A 5Rhythms® Workshop at The Haven, July 5–8. Your body is a “library of your stories”. It keeps score of the myriad of your life experiences. It holds your truths – nothing is forgotten in your tissues, muscles and bones. Your personal stories and the...Read more
Within hours of her arrival on Gabriola Island earlier this month, Ayala Reznik warmed our hearts and captivated us with her range of talents and stunning creativity.Read more
By Jennifer Hilton. Jennifer is one of the leaders presenting Dynamic Dialogue: Communicating and connecting when it really matters April 26-29 and Nov 1-4, 2018. I like words. I like knowing the meaning of words. That doesn’t surprise me: my family has always been vocal and in the past, when they...Read more
By Cathy McNally Early this morning I heard – yet again – the passionate plea from my new partner: “I want you to be with me!” … and my patience broke. “What more do you want?!” I threw back at him in grumpy despair. The silence between us was deafening. In the stillness, I reached out again and...Read more
By Emily G This article was first published on Shen in 2016 After twelve years of being in school, I've realized that very few things we are taught are actually relevant in my life. I've spent countless nights studying for a Biology test, memorizing hundreds of key terms, only to forget them all by...Read more
Kristina Campbell, January 2018 Wow, did I ever just go on a long trip down a rabbit hole. This afternoon I decided to do some intentional writing, as opposed to the accidental, stream of consciousness writing that I usually do. I wasn’t sure what to write about until I noticed a lot of people...Read more
The Haven and The Gabriola Arts Council are pleased to announce that Ayala Reznik has been chosen as their Artist in Residence, 3-30 April, 2018. Ayala is a Toronto-based sculptor and multi-media artist whose recent work has explored representation of the female body, particularly through the...Read more