Somatic Experiencing: Blanket Meditation with Susa Holt



This Somatic Experiencing (SE) meditation by Susa Holt is intended to help us find quiet in challenging times.
She says: "My inspiration for using the blanket, was from a friend and SE mentor who teaches “Living in the Wilderness” skills, and teaches a “Warmth Management" course! May you all stay well, take good care of yourselves, and this too shall pass!❤️"

Thanks, Susa!

About the Author & Narrator: 

Susa Holt, ND, MA, LMHC, SEP, Dip C, is a Psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations, seeking meaningful responses to change while deepening capacity for relationships. Her career spans Naturopathic Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Organizational Design and Counseling Psychology, including Somatic Experiencing trauma work. She first arrived at the Haven in 1985 and became a program leader in 1995. She currently leads Come Alive programs and has led our Living Alive 1: Self-Awareness program, Couples 911 and Self Compassion workshops.​

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