Message of solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the struggle against systemic racism



The Haven stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the struggle against systemic racism, police brutality, and all forms of abuse.

We want to express our profound sorrow and anger at the violence and indignities inflicted upon Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour here and around the world.

The Haven is currently in a process of transformation that calls for substantial change from within on many levels. We know that for this transformation to succeed and for The Haven to survive and thrive, we need to work with our community, have challenging conversations, be vulnerable, and live by the principles we teach.

As leaders of The Haven, we are committed to being curious, listening, and taking responsibility for understanding how our actions, words, and silence contribute to systemic injustice. We are committed to stepping up and taking action to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world.

We are grateful to our community who have both called us out and called us in to stand forth and do better.

- The Haven Foundation Board of Directors

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