COVID-19 Update


We do not know with certainty how COVID-19 will continue to unfold, however, with the understanding that gathering places like ours have a responsibility to protect public health, The Haven will be extending our campus closure until August 31, 2020.

The Haven’s mission has always been to facilitate growth, healing and transformation in community, and closing our physical property continues to be a challenging, yet necessary, decision.

We're committed to supporting our community in whatever ways we can. Since the end of March, we've offered more than 30 online programs, check-ins, and workshops, engaging with over 1,000 Haven alumni and new community members. In the next month, we're excited to be offering several more online programs and will continue to post new free resources on our Facebook page and on our website here

The Haven's decision to pause in-person activities is not without risk and we're continuing to evaluate how we can move forward. We estimate a substantial fiscal deficit, posing a very real threat to The Haven's future, and a far-reaching impact to the Gabriola community. Our board and management teams are working hard to develop innovative solutions, craft a new fundraising strategy, and chart a path forward through this crisis. This is in addition to the serious cost-cutting measures The Haven has already taken, including reducing staff salaries and hours, applying for government loans to keep staff employed, and implementing layoffs.

We are living in trying times, to be sure. We are being called upon to work together and support each other in new ways. We hope that you will continue to visit our website and follow us on Facebook for updates and resources. If you would like to support our efforts to continue to be there for our community, please donate. We're a not-for-profit and a registered charity in Canada and the US.