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With another full week of COVID-19 information under our belt, and lots more data to consider and evaluate, the team at The Haven has determined that we need to extend the closure of our property and programs beyond April 1. At this point, we are announcing that The Haven will close its physical...Read more
If you find yourself with unexpected time on your hands, you're not alone. In a recent article, long-time Haven Faculty member, Wayne Dodge shared some suggestions of how you might embrace this uncertain time - or at least respond to it in a choice-full way. One action we can take is to listen - to...Read more
By Toby Macklin, Haven Faculty member, MA, RCC, DipHCS A curious thing about human breathing is that we can do it automatically (we must, in order to live!) and also consciously. It can be both a reaction and a response. We need both. Sometimes we instinctively hold our breath to protect ourselves...Read more
By Dr Wayne Dodge MD, MPH, DipC In these unsettling times, we have choice as to how we react and/or respond to our unsettlement. There are the usual recommendations – which I heartily endorse: Practice your grounding . Whatever you do to invite yourself to ground – breath, yoga, running, prayer,...Read more
Jacqueline Neligan is a Haven alumni and artist behind Rosie's HeART on Instagram. Jacqueline's creative approach to integrating and staying connected to her self and her learning has inspired many in The Haven community. Today, we're excited to share the behind-the-scenes of her daily process and...Read more
Jennifer Hilton has worn many hats in The Haven community since 1999 when she did her first Come Alive. She has a deep understanding of The Haven's programs having done over 30 of them as a participant and having interned, supported, assisted and now led many herself. Jennifer is an Assistant in...Read more
Laurel Aasen has been an engaged member of The Haven community since 2013. For the past 7 years, Laurel has supported popular programs like Teens Alive and Transforming Anxiety & Stress , as well as our new Young Adult Symposium for 19-35 year olds. Laurel has also taken part in experiential...Read more
Come Alive leader Toby Macklin asks how we might feel "lonely in a crowd," and suggests a way out.Read more
By Cathy McNally. I recently had the pleasure of a conversation with a very remarkable and courageous young mother. She was mulling on what direction to take next in her life. She is particularly focused on wanting to learn and grow, so that she can be a better parent…and she wants to be better NOW...Read more
January 31st was #inspireyourheartwithart day. At The Haven, we believe that creative expression can be an important vehicle for cultivating self-awareness and is a great tool to de-stress and expand and grow mind, body, and spirit. In honour of #inspireyourheartwithart day, we interviewed an...Read more