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"What would it be like if we could ride the waves of change like a surfer with the skills we need to thrive?" — Bettina Rothe I have always loved the wild ocean with its currents and unpredictable waves. Several times in my attempts to surf I have been swirled around and humbled by the big crashing...Read more
For over 35 years, The Haven has offered a physical space where people can come together to learn, grow and heal in community. Many people describe our oceanfront campus as “home” and we continue to receive many inquiries about when our alumni and guests will be able to return. Our Board and...Read more
The Haven stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the struggle against systemic racism, police brutality, and all forms of abuse. We want to express our profound sorrow and anger at the violence and indignities inflicted upon Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour here and around the...Read more
If you’ve been to The Haven, chances are you’re familiar with our salad bar – and our famous nutritional yeast dressing. You may have asked for the recipe during your last visit or maybe you’ve been wishing you had. Lucky for you, we’re starting a new series – Haven at Home – to bring some of your...Read more
By Haven Core Faculty, Carole Ames You may question my timing on an article about humour. You might be thinking “life is clearly too serious, what with a global pandemic, social distancing (something we never heard of before, let alone practiced), mysterious shortages of certain paper products”...Read more
Our current collective reality is on tilt. Together we are facing the unknown and the demand to live with unprecedented challenges. How each of us is handling this could be shifting from day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute. It may be that you are feeling fear, loss, helplessness. Maybe...Read more
This Somatic Experiencing (SE) meditation by Susa Holt is intended to help us find quiet in challenging times. She says: "My inspiration for using the blanket, was from a friend and SE mentor who teaches “Living in the Wilderness” skills, and teaches a “Warmth Management" course! May you all stay...Read more
Linda is a senior member of Haven core faculty and is internationally renowned for her expertise in the field of body, breath and energy work. In this new series, 'From the Forest', Linda brings us into her favourite natural environments on Gabriola Island to share her practice of conscious deep...Read more
By Wayne T. Dodge MD, MPH, DipC If you've been to Come Alive at The Haven, there's a good chance you've participated in or witnessed some Gestalt-type work or more specifically what is called a "2-chair process." Many participants have found profound healing and transformation with this modality...Read more
By Gillian Enright This visualization was created out of a deep desire within me to stay connected with everyone through loving and inner strength at this time when physical and social distancing is being required of all of us. I wish to deeply stay connected and my heart has felt such loving for...Read more