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Welcoming you into our new year with warmest wishes that 2021 has begun well for you. It seems to me this new year is inviting us further into living with presence, in the present – calling for acceptance of the unpredictable nature of life. The chaos I see churning in the wide world around us,...Read more
On Tuesday, we hosted an online Haven Holiday Kitchen fundraiser and community baking and cooking session. We really appreciated connecting with Haven alumni across the country and collectively came up with some tips and tricks for making Haven granola and yeast dressing to share with all of you...Read more
At Solstice, time appears to stand still, and the sun goes away long enough for us to perfect the art of longing for more light and offers us a chance to rest for a while in the dark corners of life. We love to mark this Solstice night by adorning our little Christmas tree with shiny family...Read more
Back on March 13th, we closed our doors because of COVID-19. We couldn’t imagine being where we are now and we wouldn’t be, without you. The last 8 months is an amazing story of people working together in community through emotional, financial, and existential uncertainty. “In the midst of chaos,...Read more
It’s #kindnessday and we want to feature a family whose kindness to The Haven has had a lasting impact over the years. Mike and Joan McNeely first came to The Haven in the fall of 2005 during a personal crisis. They were so impressed by their experience, and the kindness of Cathy and Ernie McNally...Read more
With COVID-19 infections spreading worldwide, almost everybody has experienced some level of isolation, uncertainty, and feelings of overwhelm and helplessness. These are all hallmarks of anxiety. How well you respond to these challenges determines your health and well-being, and whether you are...Read more
For centuries breathing methods have been foundational to the lives and practices of healers, spiritual guides, shamans, mystics and explorers in consciousness. By losing touch with their wisdom about breath we have lost touch with nature and our natural selves. Due to stress, fear, anxiety,...Read more
“The Art and Science of Living Well, Together.” This statement has been a guiding principle at the Haven for many years now. It is especially relevant to Haven co-founder Bennet Wong’s idea that we really learn the most about ourselves and each other while in relationship – whatever the type of...Read more
"What would it be like if we could ride the waves of change like a surfer with the skills we need to thrive?" — Bettina Rothe I have always loved the wild ocean with its currents and unpredictable waves. Several times in my attempts to surf I have been swirled around and humbled by the big crashing...Read more
For over 35 years, The Haven has offered a physical space where people can come together to learn, grow and heal in community. Many people describe our oceanfront campus as “home” and we continue to receive many inquiries about when our alumni and guests will be able to return. Our Board and...Read more