Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change features illustrative articles describing the creative arts in research and practice within neighbourhoods, villages, and cities for community and cultural change. In these times of desperate need and ongoing unrest internationally, this research collection -- featuring leaders across disciplines -- is a valuable source of information as well as a call for creative new approaches in contemporary research leading to action and change.

Music therapy to help treat patients with schizophrenia. Collaborative live art practices that transform feelings of dislocation among refugees. Media arts training to foster inclusive social participation among persons with disabilities. These are just a few examples of the creative arts in action across a range of disciplines, making a critical difference for individuals and society.

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine is a book for medical educators, practitioners, students and those in the allied health professions who wish to learn how the arts can contribute toward a more caring and empathic approach to medicine. Topical research and inspiring real-life accounts from international innovators in the field of humanistic medicine show how the creative arts in varied forms can contribute toward greater learning and understanding in medicine, as well as improved health and quality of life for patients and practitioners.