• Basic Room - Private - Participant – CAD $1,953.00
  • Forest View - Private - Participant – CAD $2,134.00
  • Ocean View - Private - Participant – CAD $2,301.00
  • Staying off-premise - Participant – CAD $1,465.00

Date & Time Details:
July 8-12, 2021

Location: The Haven


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ONSITE: Couples Alive I

With Cathy McNally and Graemme Brown

July 8 - 12, 2021

“It was a pivotal moment in our relationship – we went to The Haven as the last straw before separation. We are now so much more connected and very, very hopeful about a happier future together. Such an amazing experience.”

-J., Couples Alive


Couples Alive is our renowned 4-day program series for couples. If you’re wanting more out of your primary relationship and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it, Couples Alive is for you!

With support and guidance from highly skilled leaders, you will learn and practice The Haven’s models for communicating and relating with your partner and learn from the diversity of experience around you. All couples meet together during the day and into the evenings, with breaks for relaxation, connection, or adventure in between. In addition to group activities, experiential learning, and discussion, there will be opportunities for the program leaders to support each couple with coaching and feedback. Couples Alive I: Foundation is a valuable stand-alone program as well as essential basis for continued learning in the Couples Alive series.  For now, the program will be adapted and modified as required to ensure Covid protocols and recommendations are followed.


Couples Alive program highlights:

  • 4 focused days together improving, revitalizing, and expanding your relationship
  • A chance to get away and visit Gabriola, one of BC’s most accessible gulf islands
  • In-depth exploration and application of Haven’s tried-and-tested Communication Model from a distinctly couples perspective
  • Many years of continued success with hundreds of diverse couples
  • A truly unique approach to relationships developed – and lived – by our founders, Dr. Ben Wong and Dr. Jock McKeen
  • A variety of breathing and body-awareness experiences that you can take home to continue nurturing your connection and growth
  • Discovery of your boundaries and development of skills to express your wishes, wants and needs with each other
  • Opportunities for self-care and/or quality time together with our oceanfront hot tub, onsite bodyworkers, gym, meditation room, forest trails… Covid regulations permitting
  • The magic of being with a diverse group of couples and the rich opportunity to learn from and relate to each other in this setting
  • Something different from your traditional couples counseling sessions – couples often report accelerated outcomes compared to individual sessions (though we believe there’s a place for both)
  • Coaching and feedback from experienced and professional leadership who are highly trained both at The Haven and in their own professions
  • A program series that offers opportunities to continue to learn and grow together…

“We are modeling a healthier relationship for our children. What a legacy!”         

– Lori Appleton, Couples Alive I: Foundation



Package pricing starts at $3418 per couple, includes tuition, room and meals. and includes:

  • Program tuition for 2
  • 3 nights accommodation on our beautiful oceanfront campus
  • Locally sourced and healthy food prepared by our local partners, Ground Up



July 8th your program begins with dinner at 6pm, followed by an orientation at 7pm and your first session at 7:30pm

Daily schedule:

  • Breakfast 8-9:15am
  • Session 9:15am to noon
  • Lunch noon to 2:30pm
  • Session 2:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Dinner 5:30 – 7pm
  • Session 7-8:30pm

July 12th your program finishes with lunch

If you are travelling to Gabriola as a foot passenger on the Gabriola Ferry a shuttle to The Haven can be requested.  Information on this option will be included in your pre-arrival email.



  • We welcome all people in a primary relationship, whether the individuals identify as male, female, or non-binary
  • Participants will be invited, but not required, to share what’s going on for them and their relationship in the larger group. As with all Haven programs, how you participate is your choice
  • Couples Alive II: Edge and Couples Alive III: Day-to-Day are the next programs in the series, building on the learning and experiences of Couples Alive I: Foundation
  • Couples Alive I: Foundation is the basis for this series and must be taken first



Cathy McNally
Cathy McNally BSc, DipC is passionate about people and possibility. Growing up in a mix of cultures, with a background in business and teams, Cathy is curious about the gift of differences, and is committed to connection and understanding. A particular joy is coaching relationships of all kinds. Following a major life change, she is exploring aliveness, loss and meaning through the adventure of movement, voice, creativity, nature, eros and community. Her trademark kindness, caring and fun make her a sought-after group leader. Associated with The Haven since 1989, Cathy believes that “living well, together” is necessary, urgent, and possible.
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Graemme Brown
Graemme Brown DipC has been associated with The Haven since 1985. His dedication to compassion and gentle inquiry is focused on his special interest and expertise in the philosophy of Virginia Satir and Jungian shadow work. A member of Haven core faculty, leading Come Alive and Living Alive Phase I, he has worked closely with Maria Gomori, Linda Nicholls, David Raithby, Sandey McCartney and others in a wide range of programs, including in China and with First-Nations communities in Northern Canada. Owner of Zen Mastering, Graemme is an award-winning recording engineer. His love of music and the mysteries of the creative process inform much of…
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