• CAD $50.00 – 這個活動的实际价值 - Suggested value
  • CAD $1.00 to CAD $49.00 – 您可以選擇自由付費 - Pay what you can
  • 免费也行!You are also welcomed to join us for free!

Date & Time Details:
2 月 5 日星期六,太平洋时间傍晚 6-8 点

2 月 6 日星期日,中國標準时间上午 10-12 点

In Pacific Time:
Feb. 5, Saturday, 6-8 pm

In China Standard Time:
Feb. 6, Sunday, 10am - 12 pm

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双语 | Bilingual – 在线:啟動向前的力量 – 虎虎生風迎新年! Online: Stepping Forth into the Year of TIGER!

With 李文淑 Wen-Shwu Lee 

February 5, 2022

对于许多个人、家庭和企业来说,2021 年是充满挑战的一年。这个活動是一个很好的机会,讓我們回顾、反思并找到值得庆祝的希望,活動會在相互分享和連結的过程中進行 — 連結共創,这就是 Haven 最擅长的!



  • 想以一种有意义的方式与人相处
  • 想与新老朋友一起庆祝一年的变化
  • 想支持Haven的成長
  • 正在寻找 2022 年的灵感
  • 想要一些新的观点



  • 聽聽文淑老師對「啟動向前」在專業上以及個人經驗上的分享
  • 經由冥想練習,互動討論,大組問答,學員們有機會反思或处理2021年的起起落落,啟動邁向2022的行動力!
  • 与其他精彩的學員互動連結
  • 讓我們一起舉杯迎新!



  • 50.00 加元 – 這個活動的实际价值。
  • 您可以選擇自由付費:1.00 加元至 49.00 加元!
  • 免费也行!



2 月 6 日星期日,中國標準时间上午 10-12 点 CST
2 月 5 日星期六,太平洋时间傍晚 6-8 点 PT









這個活動将在 Zoom 上進行,Zoom 是一種通用的视频会议软件,对参与者是免费的,且易于在各种设备上使用。您需要有一些设备(推荐桌上型电脑或笔记型电脑;平板电脑或智能手机也可以)、可靠的互联网连接和声音功能(推荐耳机;内置或外置麦克风或扬声器系统也可以)。您可以在此处提前测试您的设备连接和兼容性


您将被邀请最多提前 15 分钟加入通话以获得技术支持。



2021 has been another challenging year for many individuals, families, and businesses. This program is a wonderful opportunity to review, reflect and find some silver linings to celebrate, all in the process of sharing and connecting with each other – this is what Haven does best!


Come join us if…

  • You want to be with people in a meaningful way
  • You want to mark the changing of the year with friends, old and new
  • You want to support The Haven
  • You are looking for inspiration for 2022
  • You want some new perspectives


Program Highlights:

  • Listen to Wen-Shwu’s experience sharing on “Stepping Forth!”
  • Through embodied visualization, interactive discussions in small groups, and large group questions and answers, participants have the opportunity to reflect on or to deal with the ups and downs of 2021, and start their actions towards 2022!
  • Interactive connections with other wonderful participants
  • Let us toast to the new year together!



  • CAD$50.00 is the value of the event.
  • You can choose to pay any amount: CAD$1~49!
  • You are also welcomed to join us for free!



Feb. 6, Sunday, 10am – 12pm, China Standard Time
Feb. 5, Saturday, 6-8 pm, Pacific Standard Time


Technical Requirements:

This online program will be hosted on Zoom, a video conferencing software that is free for participants and easy to use on a variety of devices. You will need to have a device (desktop computer or laptop recommended; tablet or smartphone can work too), reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). You can test your device connection and compatibility in advance here:


You will be invited to join the call up to 15 minutes early to receive technical support.


李文淑 Wen-Shwu Lee 
李文淑:企業教練碩士認證, 心理諮商文憑, 企管碩士, 藝術學士, 文學士 文淑是一位熱情, 專業, 平易近人的導師, 她擁有跨東西文化的豐富人生閱歷. 她的教學以人性為出發點, 在她熱情關懷和洞察人心的教學風格中, 文淑有效整合了她的企業背景與生活經驗, 巧妙地將教練領導, 心理諮商, 與創意啟發等不同的技巧融會應用於身心整合與全人啟發的人才培育工作中. 多年來她在加拿大, 中國大陸以及台灣教授個人成長以及領導力開發課程, 引導學員從桎梏的個人模式中, 轉化壓力為有效的資源, 蛻變出每一個人的獨特魅力與全方位的領袖風範. 文淑目前是加拿大著名的潛能開發學院 The Haven Institute 的董事以及核心導師, 同時她是樂泉諮詢顧問公司The Train Coaching & Counseling Corp. 的創辦人.   Wen-Shwu Lee: CEC, Dip-C, MBA, BFA, BA, is an enthusiastic, professional, and approachable program leader. She has a rich life experience across Eastern and Western cultures. Her teaching is based on human nature. In her warm, caring, and insightful teaching style, Wen-Shwu has effectively integrated her corporate background and life experience, blending different skills such as coaching leadership, psychological counseling, and creative inspiration in the cultivation of physical and mental integration and holistic growth work. For many years, she has been leading and co-leading program in Canada, China, and Taiwan.…
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