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Tuesday, August 3rd: 12-1pm PT. 

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Lunch with Luminaries: Thanks for the Memory

With Greg Gurel and Tony Ollivier

August 3, 2021


Join us for a free webinar with Greg Gurel, Clinical Counsellor, Coach, and leader of the popular Anger, Boundaries & Safety program at the Haven. 

 Not only the great title of the 1938 song composed by Ralph Rainger with lyrics by Leo Robin, but “Thanks for the Memory” is also a wonderful play on words for how humans recall information. How do you interpret these words? Do you read them as a heartwarming, appreciation of memories or a sarcastic, disdain for past events? Or maybe neither of these fit and you decipher the phrase with one of the unlimited other possibilities.

The ability to form memories, hold onto them for long periods of time, and automatically recall them in the present or when speculating about the future, is one of the human brain’s most powerful and efficient learning features. Over our life time, all the experiences we have both significant and seemingly insignificant contribute to our vast memory pool and it is from this pool that we develop beliefs about ourselves, others, and how to navigate in the world. Living by beliefs that support us in leading full, choiceful lives works great, but unfortunately this is not always case. Very often we follow beliefs that were formed from experiences where fear was present and when recalling these beliefs, we tend to limit our choices even if the current environment is very different than what we had experienced in the past.

Come join Greg for a bird’s eye view of how memories influence the choices we make in our everyday lives.

Schedule & Format:

  • Tuesday, August 3rd, 12-1pm PT

Zoom will be open 15 minutes before and after the session for technical support and informal connection with others.

This free 1-hour webinar will feature:

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Opportunities to learn about memory and its influence 
  • Limited-time access to the recording
  • Informal connection time post-program



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About the Lunch with Luminaries Series

We’re launching a new webinar series – Lunch with Luminaries – to share different perspectives on a variety of topics of interest to our community. These talks pay homage to early Haven days where co-founders Ben and Jock invited various thought leaders into conversation – sometimes they agreed with the ideas shared and sometimes they didn’t. We think this spirit of curiosity and generosity is an important core value we hold, and we’re excited to recreate this concept today with time and space-transcending technology!

Each webinar will have a Haven Host who will introduce or interview the guest speaker and in some cases take Q&A from the audience. The focus of these 1-hour live events is expansion, learning, and curiosity. They are free for anyone to attend and will be hosted in Zoom, an easy-to-use event platform. Please consider donating to Haven Foundation during registration. Registrants will receive limited-time access to the recording following the event.


Greg Gurel
Greg Gurel MPCC-S RPC ACC is a long time Havenite that has been involved with the Anger, Boundaries and Safety program since 1994 and became the leader in 2007. Currently living in Vancouver where he has a private counselling practice, Greg has also developed curriculum and taught counselling and coaching certification courses at a Vancouver based college with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components delivered experientially. Although Greg’s practice is diverse, for the last years he has been focusing more on conflict and boundaries in relationship, supervising/mentoring new counsellors, and providing continuing education courses. Website: The Right Time To Talk
Learn more about Greg Gurel
Tony Ollivier
Tony has held global product, sales & marketing positions in the high tech industry including Xerox, Apple, Microsoft and IBM and has a background in project management. He’s also a published author through Pandamoon Publishing. Tony first came to the Haven in 1988, attended many programs and watched his two children grow up while they attended Kids in the Spotlight and became leaders in the program.
Learn more about Tony Ollivier