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  • Dorm bed - Participant – CAD $8,862.50
  • Dorm bed - Participant – CAD $8,862.50
  • Basic Room - Shared - Participant – CAD $9,245.00
  • Basic Room - Private - Participant – CAD $10,347.50
  • Forest View - Shared - Participant – CAD $9,711.87
  • Forest View - Private - Participant – CAD $11,191.25
  • Ocean View - Private - Participant – CAD $11,967.50

Date & Time Details:
Nov 1-26, 2021
November 1st your program begins with dinner at 6pm, followed by an orientation at 7pm and your first session at 7:30pm
November 26th your program finishes with lunch

Location: In Person at The Haven

The Haven Registration team,

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ONSITE: Living Alive: Meaningful Connections

With Graemme Brown and Leslie Whyte

November 1 - 26, 2021

The Haven Board, faculty and staff are actively discussing how we can keep everyone – participants, leader teams, and staff – as healthy as possible at in-person core programs at the Haven this fall.

Good News!  To that end, we are excited to offer our core programs to people who are fully (double) vaccinated at this time.  We have crafted a clear, comprehensive set of guidelines that apply to everyone on the property.  Please read our current Communicable Disease Safety Protocols to help keep us all healthy on property.  These protocols are current to the end of August at which time they will be updated as it applies to the full vaccination policy for programs.

If you wish to register you will be required to provide proof of vaccination documentation (BC or equivalent COVID-19 Immunization Record Card, or a Screen Shot or PDF of your e-health record) at the time of your registration.

The Living Alive programs offer the unique experience of time, space, and guidance to help you (re)discover who you truly are. For 25 days, you’ll have the opportunity to create and establish new or different patterns for conscious living. In Living Alive: Self Awareness the focus is on self-awareness – becoming aware of your individual patterns of behaviour and energy. The focus for Living Alive: Meaningful Connections is relationships – how you see yourself, how other people see you, and how you engage in relationships.

In a highly experiential and choice-based environment, you’ll immerse yourself in The Haven’s models and concepts, with opportunities to go deeper, practice, and expand your range of being. Participants are encouraged to question their assumptions, explore their beliefs, and challenge their patterns in a respectful environment. Join a community of seekers and engage in the ultimate experience of self-discovery and transformation.

Living Alive program Highlights:

  • An in-depth opportunity to engage more consciously and fully in your life and relationships.
  • Time away to reconnect with yourself and nature on The Haven’s beautiful 7-acre oceanfront property.
  • An opportunity to take your personal growth and Haven-style learning to the next level 
  • For those who have attended a Come Alive, we will take a deeper dive into The Haven’s models: Communication, Power & Strength, Resonance, Selves.
  • For those who have not attended a Come Alive there will be plenty of opportunities to learn, practice and integrate these models.
  • Guided experiences designed to heighten your physical, intellectual, and emotional awareness.
  • A meaningful and enduring investment in your wellbeing: 25 days of radical self-discovery and transformation.
  • Experienced program leaders, who are highly trained at The Haven and in their various professions.
  • Deep investment, continuity, and care from assistants and interns who bring a variety of diverse and complementary skill sets to their Haven training. This support team means a low ratio of participants to leaders. 
  • A long history with hundreds of Living Alive participants reporting continued personal and professional transformation post-program.
  • Take-home tools to support integration of learning.
  • A full program scheduleplus daily breaks for introspection, connecting with others, rest, relaxing in the oceanfront hot tub, exploring nearby trails, and more.
  • Achievement of pre-requisites required to pursue a Diploma or Certificate at The Haven (if that’s of interest!)


Living Alive: Meaningful Connections

Relationships: discovering how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we are in relationships.

Living Alive: Meaningful Connections (formerly Phase II) is for you if any of the following applies:

  • I want to develop greater self-awareness of how I establish, maintain, end relationships – close, casual, and professional.
  • I want to learn how others interpret and experience my style of relating.
  • I am going through a transition involving others and am unsure what happens next.
  • I want to discover how I respond to topics such as commitment, vulnerability, security, romance, power struggle, attachment styles, ‘Family of Origin’, caretaking vs caring, embodiment, conflict, sexuality.
  • I want to build relationship skills and shift patterns of dependency, jealousy, defensiveness, control, blame, placating,  etc.
  • I want to examine and explore my beliefs and biases around gender, sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy.
  • I want an opportunity to integrate someone from my personal life into my learning at The Haven. Contact the registrars to learn more about the optional 3-day Relationships component where you can invite someone to join your experience.

“I can have meaningful, alive relationships without denying or disconnecting from what is true in my mind, body, heart. I can be transparent and open about my reality, and thus open the bridge to knowing another. This is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.”

– Rye Green, Living Alive Phase II


We are offering private and shared room options – if room sharing is not permitted due to tightened Covid restrictions in the fall then we will be in touch with participants about moving to single accommodation.


Accessibility and inclusion are important to us. We’re offering a 15% discounted tuition price if you register by October 1st.  Get all of your meals, shared accommodation, and 25 days of programming starting at $7863.75 +tax.

We are able to offer a limited number of partial bursaries through the Community Diversity & Inclusion Fund.   Applications must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the program start date.  Learn more and apply for support by contacting Anne Hainsworth, anne@haven.caBursary Application Deadline: October 1st, 2021.  


November 1st your program begins with dinner at 6pm, followed by an orientation at 7pm and your first session at 7:30pm

Daily schedule:

  • Breakfast 8-9:00am
  • Morning session most days 9:15am to noon, with a break midway
  • Lunch noon to 1:00pm
  • Afternoon session most days 2:30-5:30pm, with a break midway
  • Dinner 5:30 – 6:30pm
  • Evening session most days 7:00 – 8:30pm

Afternoon and evening sessions can vary.  Your program finishes at 11:30am on the last day, and lunch is included


If you are travelling to Gabriola as a foot passenger on the Gabriola Ferry a shuttle to The Haven can be requested.  Information on this option will be included in your pre-arrival email.


Graemme Brown
Graemme Brown, Dip.C, SEP, has been associated with The Haven since 1985. He is dedicated to compassionate and gentle inquiry, focused on his experience with the philosophy of Virginia Satir, Jungian shadow work and Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing system. Graemme considers his Haven faculty colleagues as another source of creative inspiration with their great diversity of styles and expertise. As a member of The Haven’s core faculty, Graemme co-leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I, Journey to Self, Family Reconstruction and a number of other programs on Gabriola, in China and with First-Nation communities in Northern Canada. Graemme is also an award-winning recording engineer, running his…
Learn more about Graemme Brown
Leslie Whyte
Leslie Whyte DipC, Certified Calling in “The One” Conscious Uncoupling and Feminine Power Coach is a passionate and creative counsellor, group facilitator and relationship coach. She brings a wealth of knowledge, a strong desire to be personal and a depth of caring for the people she works with.  Her capacity to integrate what she is learning and teaching, brings a new dimension of wholeness to those she is working with inspiring them to transform their lives. Leslie has an enthusiasm for working with couples and individuals who wish to discover what is possible in their lives as they breathe new…
Learn more about Leslie Whyte